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US Kettlebells?


So after doing my best to avoid it, i'm now contemplating joining Pavel's conscripts. Has anyone used this product? I would pick up those kettlebell handles, but i don't have a dusty collection of standard plates. I'm a student so i'm a bit cheap and this would be extremely portable for me. I remeber hearing that Mike Mahler was impressed by these.


For a kettlebell 35-88lbs, its $200 to my door. Anyone have experiance with this implement (this style) does it hold up well to mild abuse? Or would it be better to just buy an 35lb and a 52lb individual iron kettlebells?
THIS IS NOT A PRODUCT ENDORSEMENT. dont give me any of that crap.


From the site:
"Although the design of the U.S. Kettlebells adjustable kettlebell is rugged and sturdy, it is not recommended that the user perform any movement that could cause the adjustable kettlebell to fall to the ground. Dropping or juggling the U.S. Kettlebells adjustable kettlebell is not recommended. A falling kettlebell could injure the user, damage the ground, or break the kettlebell."

That's a CYA statement for a shitty product if I ever saw one.


I would not trust swinging those things over my head.


I have all Dragon Door KBs and couldn't be more happy with the quality. We have pairs from 18-72lbs and 1 88lber.

You don't't have to buy them all at once. Start with the 36. It will feel heavier than you think. Technique will be very important when you first get them.

If you live in IL you could always make arrangements to pick them up and DD and save on shipping. Thats what I did when I bought the bulk of them.


I wouldn't trust training with them.


what city are DD's bells shipped from? I've picked up Powermax KB's from Gill in Champaign, but I was considering buying the 106lb, and that isnt availible in powermax


Little Canada, MN (St Paul, MN). It's only a 5 hour drive for me and the wife and I go to the Mall of America once a year anyway. This made it convenient.


I see...thanks.


I own one. It's fine for everything EXCEPT exercises that have a high dropping risk. Even then if you had a beach or sandbox then I wouldn't worry about dropping it on occasion.


Regular KB's are cast iron which is fragile. so if you drop them on a hard surface they could also break. The USKB is out of Rockford, IL so I have thought about seeing if I could go and check them out. Maybe one of these days. But I don't do a lot of kb stuff with my DD 56# so I am not in a hurry to check them out.



i realize that ths is a three years old zombie thread, but as i do own the KB in question my review may have value for anyone interested in this item.
I have the original 36-72# adjustable and the thing is rugged as all hell, and while i wouldn't use it for juggling it sets up just fine.

the only issue is that the handle has some kind of coating that gets slippery as hell with high rep snatching sweat, but that's what the chalk is for.

not a bad starter bell.