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US Journos Face N Korean Spy Charges



What are you guys getting on your tvs and news papers about this?


If North Koreans snuck into America without the relevant papers do you think they wouldn't be arrested?


It was on the news. Pretty much exactly as stated in the piece you posted.

"The questioning is likely to focus on having the two journalists confess to committing espionage,'' the paper quoted its source as saying."

"NORTH Korean intelligence officials are questioning two female US journalists detained on the border and will likely try to persuade them to confess to spying.

I wonder what they mean by persuade. I feel for them because they are women. Torture, err persuading takes on a whole different meaning with female captives.


They were in a politically grey area. A frozen lake.


Why, I thought chivalry was dead? If they want to be equal, it should be equal.

They're big girls they wanted to be adventurous, they can handle the consequences.