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US Invades Australia



The US invasion of Australia began in 1941 in a climate of increasing US aggression worldwide. Resistance was offered at first:


But the tide quickly turned. Australia became a subject nation - merely a semi-autonomous satrapy of the global US hegemony. The story of the occupation is too long and sad to recount here. But I will say that this surge will not end the resistance.


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Hypothetical. More forces in South Korea, Japan, Aus etc will certainly make it less likely and give US more weight in diplomacy with China.


Sigh. Australian politicians and Australians in general are dumb fucks.

Our government here wants to play "sucky sucky" with the US, just incase China decides to invade us in 20 years to make us into a big golf course. Thats why we have troops in Afghanistan

Who can tell me that in 20 years time the US president will say; "oh dear me, we better go help Australia fight off those invading Chinese, because 20 years ago they lost a handful of troops in Afghanistan when we were trying to get control of the worlds oil".

Sounds unlikely, because it is. In 20 years time the US president will do what is best in terms of their chances of been re-elected.

Somebody push the button.

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Australia (and New Zealand to a smaller degree) has looked to closer ties with the US ever since it realized the UK was more interested in the EU than the Commonwealth.

And you have troops in Afghanistan out of lip service to the ANZUS treaty.

EDIT: Actually, it may have been as early as the Gallipoli campaign that we looked to the US.


True. In terms of trade in particular.

Well if we're there it's not 'lip service' is it?

Nope. 1942. After Pearl Harbour/Japanese conquests in Pacific, Churchill refused to send back Australian forces from Egypt/Libya. Curtin then appealed to the US and when things started to go bad in the Philippines US Pacific headquarters moved to Australia.



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You should learn about history before you go talking trash because it makes you look petty. Thousands of American servicemen have died defending Australia from invasion.

Last time I looked there wasn't much, if any oil in Afghanistan. Seventy three percent of US oil consumption is produced domestically and the bulk of US oil imports comes from Canada. So you are really making no sense whinging about oil.

The Chinese sent their first aircraft carrier out for sea trials in August and there are more on the way. It isn't going to be another twenty years before the balance of power in your part of the world changes.

You Australians are lucky America is willing to station some marines there to protect you.


Lip service was probably the wrong choice of words for that, my bad.

And it was my understanding that faith in the power of the British Empire was shaken after realizing Britain's ability to protect the Commonwealth was not as strong as they had once thought.




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