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US Intervention in Libya


Don't think there's a thread on this topic specifically. Should the US be involved in Libya? What should our objectives be?

America doesn't need to commit its military to another conflict. We don't need to put our soldiers at risk (apparently we're not... yet), we don't need to spill our own treasure (we have). There's no strategic value in the Libya conflict aside from wanting the Arab-spring to keep chugging along, and there's no exit strategy aside from the ousting of Gaddhafi... and the nation-building after that... and the residual responsibility that comes with trying to set-up a democracy in the ME (re: repeated and costly near-failures).

A lot of you guys get labeled Neo-Cons. Do YOU think this is a good idea?

Article for background: http://www.voanews.com/english/news/Obama-Defends-Libya-Actions-Addresses-Deficit-124716184.html


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(TITLE) + "is constitutionally illegal" = Obama's Should be impeached for this. /Thread


There was a similar thread back in the day.



Israel wants no part of the Libyan rebel movement. They're obviously not as naive as Obama. Don't forget that these 'democracy' demonstrations in the ME have comprised an Al Qaeda rocket attack on the Yemeni PM. Last month when al-Zawahiri was declared the new AQ leader this statement was released by AQ in support of the Spring uprisings:

'We support the uprisings of our oppressed Muslim people who rose up in the face of the corrupt tyrants who dealt our nation the worst kind of torture in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Yemen, Syria and Morocco. We urge them and other Muslim people to rise up'

Why on earth would we want to support the Libyan rebel government/NLA when any serious observer knows that a power struggle will evolve and Iranian or AQ factions will likely win out? AQ knows it. Iran knows it. Israel knows it. But the US/UK/France don't for some reason.


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