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US in Debt to Iraq Says UN


Crap, what the hell is going on here??



That's hilarious coming from an organization that bilked Iraq out of $26 billion.

The U.N. lost their right to say shit about Iraq when they tucked their tails and ran when the going got rough.

What a worthless organization.


Go ahead and quit the UN, that'll keep the rest of the world happy.


No that would just give the America Sucks crowd another reason for hating us. The U.N. would go broke anout 90 days after we got out.


Amen to that RJ. The united nothing is the worst thing to happen to the world in a long, long time.


without the US, the un is nothing


Let's face it guys if the US suddenly fell off the face of the earth the rest of the free world would be in grave danger from would be aggressors. I don't think there would be a safe place on the globe!

I hope the above does not offend anyone outside the US :slight_smile:


What, when the US and UK lied about WMD?


Do we even pay our dues to be in that little club?


No - when the UN wanted to be in Iraq, and ran like a scared bitch when their offices got bombed. But nice try.


And ou would do what if your office got bombed, run out into the middle of the street like Patton?

Grow up.


according to ted turner the US still owes the UN tons. ..


The US does make the biggest financial contributions as they're the No.1 economy in the world, thats why they think they can get away with things like that.


Fuck the UN. It's worthless.


Very articulate.


What really caught my eye in the article was the assertion that Haliburton was grossly overcharging for services and underdelivering with the quality of their work. Those bastards are making a hell of a lot of money off of this war, and I don't understand how this could be allowed to happen.


The UN is in debt to the United States, we should kick those treacherous dirtbags out of Turtle Bay and send them to North Korea or Iran, those two regimes have political views that are more to the liking of the UN beauracrats. Seriously, we as Americans have little realization of how anti-American the UN is, they are truly the second more subversive, destructive organization within the US, next to the ACLU of course. Think of how much money that land in Turtle Bay is worth, we should boot their asses and put a financial center there.


Notice my second assertation is not refuted. He does not dispute the fact that the UN is worthless.


I thought you got your point across very well.


slimjim, the article respectfully answers your question. See below...emphasis added is mine.

"The auditors have raised questions about the support and the documentation rather than questioning [i] the fact that we have incurred the costs [/i]," Ms. Mann said in an e-mail response to questions. "Therefore, it would be completely wrong to say or imply that any of these costs that were incurred [i] at the client's direction for its benefit [/i] are 'overcharges.' "

All I'll say is that I'm here in Iraq and very intimate with the process. Actually, I'll say one more thing: the LOGCAP contract is 100% based on documentable costs only. At no time is there a capitalistic "buy low, sell high" concept used or even allowed.

Please, please remember and realize the purpose of the American media. Hint: it has something to do with making money, and very little to do with objective truth.


I don't even know what the fuck your post is even trying to say. What was run out like Patton? What is an ou?

I don't really have to worry about whatever it is you are trying to say - I don't live in fucking France.

What would you do in a situation like that? Accuse the President of being a liar, and root for the ones that perpetrated the offense?