What’s up w/ all the love lately? LOL

He saw your pics. That’ll soften up any guy’s heart.

Sounds like a personal problem. We don’t talk about personal problems around here…

…you talk about those over in the Personal Problems category.

Also, I second what Jared said. However, although your pics would soften a guy’s heart, they sure won’t soften his pants.

Soil his pants too.

US=GG’s givin’ out love?

Is this the bizzaro forum?

just kiddin’ US.

And Solo’s Girl - you probably have the best dude repellent a girl could get - and make sure he knows what would happen without it :slight_smile:

2 kids? Wow. Big props.

Hey Solo’s Girl,
I’m actually a “Good Guy.” My friends have been dealing quite effectively with the morons (bad guys). This allows me to exercise my creativity in other areas. Don’t be surprised to see some posts on the training forum. I actually like most of the people on this forum. There seems to be an influx of new people lately. I like the variety. Thanks for the question. Talk to you soon.

P.S. I did like the pics.

US=GG, I’m used to seeing things from you like:
“Enough. End thread.” LOL

Thanks for the compliments guys…

Kuri: My husband says that my two kids are my dude repellants. LOL

He’s turning gay. See US=GG…First G is guy, second G is gay. US=Gay Guy. Braahahaha. Just kidding USGG. You love me right? :wink:

hey arcane the way you described us=gg is guy gay.
First G is guy, second G is gay. US=Gay Guy
sorry just wanted to point that out to you. but its all good its friday!
take care peeps!

Solo’s girl,

Not even 2 kids would dissuade card carrying members of the dude party. Nope, doesn’t hold water, not after we’ve all peeped your pics.

Now, maybe if you had enough to make a baseball team… but you’ll have to sort that out with your husband :slight_smile:

So no sarong-less pics for our lonely Char over there in Japan?

Hahah. Your right. I had to read your post like 5 times to figure out what you were talking about. See I have sporadic deslexia. Ho hum. :frowning: