US Funded Iranian Nukes?

Can our foreign policy get any worse? Bring our tax dollars home.


That’s… suspicious.


Putin has been a right bastard. We all know the russians are helping the Iranians. They already said they were going to and we knew it. We also have been helping Russia since the fall of the Sovient Union. This is also not a surprise. We give our enemies more money then our freinds, see China, Saudi Arabia and Venezuela. Our money is all over the world the fact that it is used against us is no surprise.

[quote]Sloth wrote:
Can our foreign policy get any worse?

Yes, it can. We can compound our mistakes with other mistakes.

Who signed off on this shit exactly? Does the fault lie in Congress (who must have approved the money), or the President, who is usually the one to propose such foreign policy deals?

This isn’t some philosophical BS question, I actually don’t know.

Was this a Congressional project, or a Executive one?