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US Consulate in Pakistan Attacked


Why is this not more news worthy?

This is a big deal. It shows that covert American activity and the "War on Terror" is spilling into Pakistan.


WAAAAaaaaaaaHHHHH!! Terrorists are being killed in Pakistan!

Why, they should be safe there.

I agree, it's an outrage that anti-terrorist activity is "spilling over" into Pakistan.

Though why you think this is new, I don't know. Bu$Hitler had been having terrorists killed in Pakistan for years, and his replacement clone Bush III has been doing the same from Day One. The only improvements are that at least he doesn't look like a chimp and he usually can pronounce "nuclear." Other than that: different boss, same ****.

I know I shed a river of tears every time a terrorist who has taken up arms against America gets killed. The inhumanity. Frankly, I think we should instead be providing them with taxpayer-funded health care. That plus some apologies and appeasement would no doubt cause them to stop their terrorist activities, and would be much better than killing them dead (which admittedly also stops the activities of any given terrorists. But so would free health care and a shipload of appeasement.)


I know this was sarcasm, but when these facile comparisons come up, I can't help but cringe.