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US Airstrike Kills Zarqawi


Well, well...


Food for debate.


About time. But does it really make a difference? Won't someone just replace him?


Sorry didn't read the article fully

"Zarqawi didn't have a number two. I can't think of any single person who would succeed Zarqawi," Rohan Gunaratna from the Institute of Defense and Strategic Studies in Singapore said. "In terms of effectiveness, there was no single leader in Iraq who could match his ruthlessness and his determination."


Of course someone will replace him. We will get a new "bad guy" for us all to be told to hate just as much. Regardless of which, it is still good to see a bastard like him go down.

Besides, should we not have a FBI's 10 most wanted list merely because when we catch number 1, a new number 1 appears?



That's like when your girlfriend dumps you and you think you'll never get anyone like her, then this brunette starts working at your place etc etc

Same kind of thing, perhaps Hitler was pretty unique but there are plenty of intelligent people to mastermind organised disruption just waiting to fill his boots.


True someone will replace him. If George Washington had died in the revolution, he would have been replaced. But the morale hit is invaluable.