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Urologist Thinks a Year of TRT Will Stimulate Natural Production?

Hey guys,

Been on TRT 5 months now (25 years old, secondary hypogonadism, levels were 6.0nmol before TRT).

My urologist has been really receptive to TRT and things have been going well (started on one injection every 3 weeks but got her to change it to 2x a week after showing bloodwork and studies)

However, at the end of my appointment today she said “we will keep things the same this year. But next year we will try and make bigger gaps between the injections, until eventually you won’t need them at all because your body will know what to do”.

Everything I have researched suggests this is the complete OPPOSITE of what would happen.

Does anyone have any studies I could show her to let us understand this?

She’s been the only doctor who has been receptive to prescribing me TRT in my city and I spent a long time finding her. So suggestions to change doctor won’t be helpful.

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Fire her.

Somehow your body will know what to do in a year, but it does not know now? Ask her what she expects to happen during the year to fix this. This comment needs to go on the “stupid things doctors say” thread.

I understand that suggestions of changing doctors are not helpful. However, she will make that decision for you when she determines that your body knows what to do and you no longer need TRT. At that time she will fire you.

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There’s no debating it, exogenous testosterone will shut your hypothalamic pituitary testicular axis down.

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Did you say your magician prescribed this? Practicing magic…

Wtf man. I bet your on so Glad you are here and not believing a damn thing she’s saying. Mind boggling. I hope to god she hasn’t done this to other men

This just goes to show this field of medicine isn’t taught in medical school, this is a urologist were talking about here that specializes in male reproductive organs.

What are you going to do when you encounter symptoms? Your doctor isn’t going to know what to do. The reason I ask is because your doctor doesn’t know anything about TRT or how to deal with the possible side effects.

It may not seem like it now, but working with this doctor is a big mistake.

U definitely need a new doctor, this is even worse than the one I got. Lol. Even if u have to drive a bit your health is worth it. It’s everything