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Uro Put Me on Clomid (Suggestions)


so today i got prescribed with clomid by my uro and i researched a lot about this topic to increase test. i heard bad and good things, but at 25 he only offered clomid. heres the thing, he put me 50 mg EOD and not a lower dose which worries me. if any side effects shows up,does it become permanent? if i come off clomid,will my test be much lower then before or it comes back to the same it was before?

lastly, i heard it increases SHBG MINe is already way too high (79) which might be causing low test then why would clomid even work for me? it would increase shbg making it worst? 2.80 free test and 2.95 total. lastly, im thinking of just stop it, he didnt mention if he will restart or anything. he just said “well lets do 50 mgEOD for 1 month, get blood test and see what happens” im 25 and very stressful guy, but this clomid thing is making me nervous because i dont want it to stop my natural t production ormake it worst. https://imgur.com/a/v6O4L full test.


That’s strange a doctor giving clomid to a guy with insanely high SHBG, just insane. Your free T will shrink into oblivion, what is this doctor doing?

Clomid is usually not an option when you have SHBG levels this high. Dosage is also insane!


I understand you perfectly. and i dont know what to do. i dont know if i should stop taking it :/. the doc was fast on me and i didnt like him much. he also just checked total testosterone and seems like pretty much that. i also had my left testi problems when born and had an operation to drop them. he said it was ok tho. also he said he never treated young males like me before so im the first one


@KSman hey! could you help me a bit with this? i read the sticky and i added iodine to my diet also


Cannot do this without:
protocol - nothing now?

Total cholesterol is low, not great but we see sometimes with young guys.

You can order your own labwork in some USA States ?territories?

If SHBG is high from elevated E2, you need to know that then lower with anastrozole.

If SHBG is high from liver problem, that needs to be understood.
Some medications, Rx or OTC can reduce liver E2 clearance.


hello! so my creatinine is currently high because i take creatine and my lab shows high, but here is my creatinine level without training and creatine https://imgur.com/a/qbMfl. also theres an mri i did back in 2012 where it says liver is fine (from what i can see)? this labs were taken in 2017