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Urine Lab Test

Hi guys, I am the one who posted “creatine safe” and reported blood in my pee. The lab test results are out. Everything seems normal except that there are traces of protein and blood in my urine. Any views on this? Is protein in the blood an indication of any medical condition?

Hopefully someone wise will come along and give you the right answer. All I have that may help is an interview w/ Torbjorn Akerfeldt that my help you to understand the uric cycle better and why aminos end up in “pee.” My understanding is that the aminos should be in your urine. However intact chains of 50 or more amino acids (protein) being in urine I don’t know about that. The interview with Akerfeldt is on the most loathed of all so called muscle mag web sights musclemedia. Search ABCDE and go to the fourth interview in the series and you will find it there.

hope I’m not way off, Kevin

Normally, protein is not present in the urine when measured by routine dipstick tests. This is because the glomerulus (which is the part of the kidney nephron which filters fluid from the blood) generally prevents large molecules (which includes most proteins) from entering the renal filtrate. Even if small amounts get through, they are normally taken up by renal tubular cells which then metabolize the proteins as a source of energy. However, even if both the glomerulus and renal tubules are completely normal, some proteins will appear in the urine if blood concentrations exceed the threshold value. If the kidney is diseased, protein will appear in the urine even if the plasma concentrations are normal. So, if you have protein in your urine there is a good chance that there is something wrong with your kidneys, as the doctor probably already told you, and you should have it checked out.