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Urine Drug Test on TRT?

Anyone knows if they can see some kind of values in urine? (Testosterone)
I once read something about they can see some kind of ratio in your urine if you take more testosterone than your prescribed…
I don’t want to cheat in sports;) in my country they check normal gym rats… and I am on trt:)

In what country is this happening in?

You get kicked from the gym and almost every gym here work with anti doping so you can’t train many places if you get “busted”… I only want to increase my T a little but of cause nervous if it can be seen in urine and my trt script ain’t enough to cover my back.

I heard that if you are to jacked they can search you and drug test you. If you are on legal trt, then if you in normal range under 1000nano, you should be fine , but if you are doing 400mg of test a week instead of 100mg it will put you at an elevated level, if heard pretty stiff consequences in Denmark. Must have low crime rate if they go after recreational bodybuiders.

OP This cant be real. Its like Planet Fitness but in an entire country!!!

I used to love Denmark!!! I mean as a country, never met them before.

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Thanks for answering guys!

Yes it is really strict! I only think nanograms can be seen in the blood and not urine but still nervous about if there is somekind of ratio (as I remember reading something about once)

  • MORE input on this will be appropriated:)

Maybe it is because our healthcare is really good and society don’t want to pay for trt and other possible health issues with anabolic… (I am on private doctor treatment)
It is not the gyms that pays the anti doping to check all gyms - it is the state/politicians that puts money in stopping BB.

You have no idea how that sounds to Americans. We fight over drugs like heroin being against the law and how far the government can go in trying to enforce that law. This sounds like an American nightmare of mommy government control. Thank God we do not have your medical system, that justifies such control freak behavior on the part of your government. We have the same control freak things going on with national security. We are not better than you guy, just different

I believe by urine test they can only tell that your testosterone levels are high. So if you are within normal limits and that goes fairly high, then you are fine. They are working on a urine test that can tell the difference between synthetic and natural testosterone. But they do not have one yet. If the tests are random, then you are in trouble, if they are scheduled then use all you want. Just remember that testosterone enanthate and cypionate have an 8 day half life. testosterone propionate has a 4.5 day half life