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Urination Problem

Guys, I have to wake up every hour and half to pee at night, I’ve been on vesicare but it barely helps,
Do you have any advice


I forgot to mention that it also happens during the day, it is just more of a problem (obviously) at night

go and see a doctor. That’s the best possible advice anyone can give, and I just gave it to you.

You’re welcome.


I did and they tested the mechanics, nothing is wrong. they put me on vesicle but it barely helps

Is it possible you’re drinking too much water or other liquids? Exact amounts for what is recommended vary, but from the most recent thing I’ve read (article on this website) a weight trainer who weighs more than 225 should drink 4 to 6 liters of water per day (I’m remembering off the top of my head so my numbers may be off and they had recommendations for smaller people, but since I weigh more than that, it’s the only one I really noted in my head). It should be pretty easy to find, they put it up in the article section fairly recently.

I literally feel like I pee more than I drink… I know it sounds crazy but it’s true

I think you’re probably pregnant.


My gf, who is a pelvic PT, said ask your doc for a PT referral. You may have high tone pelvic floor dysfunction which is causing the urge to urinate.

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3 weeks into clomid here are my results

Hey Dr Panglos Whats your take
Also aldosterone is low and I’ve had constant (frequent) urination problems could it be the reason and if so how can I fix it

Thank you for your time

I’m not a Dr., I just play one on the internet. However, my gf is a PT who specializes in pelvic floor dysfunction. She recommends asking your IRL doctor for a PT referral.

Are you taking Clomid as a form of HRT?

Yes clomid daily 25mg but what about aldosterone

The wife had this issue. The PT helped a lot.

I had this problem when I was 19 and the doctor said I had nothing wrong with me. I went to two doctors actually, one thought it might be a bladder infection and gave me a long course of cipro, the other said it was in my head and I need to stop worrying. I am convinced it was inflammation due to too much sex/masturbation, as I still get it if I beat too many off in a week or have too much sex. What worked for me was this supplement called prostametto, which has a few ingredients, zinc and saw palmetto standout the most.

And I should add that they went as far as to stick a little camera down my dick hole (I dont know the real word for it) and that hurt like a mother fucker. I felt like I was pissing hot shards of glass. They said my bladder looked healthy and so did my kidneys.

I’m glad to hear that.

I love hearing her stories about who she has helped: new moms with urinary incontinence (even a female powerlifter who used to leak during DLs!), prostate cancer patients, women suffering from vulvodynia or vaginismus, men with ED…

She finds it very gratifying.

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