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Urination Complication

I got busted peeing in a parking lot a few months back in August. I pleaded guilty to it and was sentenced to probation for a year, 5 days on the work program, and have to take this class called “minor awareness” since there was alcohol involved, yet they couldn’t prove it.

Anyway, I did my 5 fucking days of community service, and hated every minute of it. I just signed up for the stupid class as I was typing this. So all I have left to do is pay the RIDICULOUS amount of money they want for all this bullshit, or is it?

I just got a letter from the court today and it said I need to come in and schedule more work program days. What the f? That’s all it said, didn’t say how many or why. Is there any legal minds out there with some advice or anything that could help me out before I go down there?

Wow…my buddie got busted for peeing in the bushes outside a bar and only got a $157 fine. Not only that he was totaly shitfaced at the time and gave the cop a bunch of false information, like his date of birth being sometime in 1967 when he was only 22 at the time! Not the brightest dude in the world(but apparently neither was the cop).

Yeah nevermind my post I got it taken care of. I think it was a clerical error of some sorts, the lady ripped the paper up they sent me today after checking my records. Yeah analog kid apparently I got caught in a REAL bad city to be caught for anything in.

Which city is that?

I’ll remember never to go there, seeing how I love to pee outside.

Damn, can a cop give you sh*t for pissing on the side of the road too? I do a lot of biking and often take a piss on low traveled back roads, because I simply don’t have any other choice. I would be royally pissed if I got a ticket for that.