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Urinating More Frequently After Starting TRT

I urinate more frequently and the duration of urination is much longer (it takes whole 2 minutes sometimes) after i started TRT. Also even if i don’t drink anything prior to sleep i def. wake up at night to pee and it ruins my already problematic sleep. My PSA slightly increased after TRT and is 1.22 (<2.5) from last month’s lab.

I will go to the lab tomorrow. Which tests should they run to find the cause of this?

Are you on topical Test or injections?

PSA will increase a little on exogenous T. 1.22 is not a cause for concern as it’s still quite low within the normal range(0-4). Mine runs around 1.1-1.2 after over a year of TRT.

Sounds to me like you were estrogen dominant, then started taking T and that dominance has reversed because it takes a little while for E2 to creep up with more T.

Estrogen dominance = fluid retention. Tipping the scales in the other direction = release that fluid

Just a guess though. If my guess is correct this will level out soon.

Keep drinking water, and let your body adjust.

I am on 105mg Enanthate MWF.

If you are correct it does not seem like it will level out soon or not level out at all because i am on TRT for almost a year now.

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I tried not drinking anything 6 hours prior to sleep and yet i still wake up to 1 or 2 times at night.

So i give up on limiting my fluid intake since it does not make a difference anyway.

Wait, so you take 315mg of Test per week? And you’ve been doing this for over a year?

Dude you’re going to need to post a full lab set (FT, TT, E2, SHBG, DHEA, and Full Metabolic Panel) and definitely include your CBC (including hematocrit) work up.

Is this ugl or is this prescribed?

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So that means my guess is dead wrong lol!!

It wasn’t clear how long you had been on TRT.

Lol no , it’s 105mg weekly , meaning 35mg divided to MWF. Sorry i should have made it clear.

Labs don’t show real FT where i live so i use the calculator. I have low shbg (18.5 from last month) and around 900 TT. Hemoglobin and HCT is high but within range.

Not prescribed but pharma grade. You can buy it from pharmacy without RX here.

Has the urination been a problem for the full year?

It gradually increased and it’s a huge PITA now. It may or may not be related to TRT but it sure has started after TRT.