Urinary Tract Problems

I seem to be suffering from a case of urinary tract infection. It friggin sucks. It has gotten alittle worse over the past few months which concides with the addition of several supplements into my daily routine. I’m trying to rule out all possibilities as to why I’m suffering from this problem. Nothing else has really changed in my life over the past year.

Does anybody think that these supplements could be contributing to the problem. I am have never felt better except for this problem:

  1. Creatine
  2. Glutamine - up to 20 grams a day
  3. ALA - 400 mg a day
  4. Flax Oil
  5. Fish Oil

Of course, I have read all the crap about creatine possibly creating kidney stones and causing some urinary problems (i.e. greater concentration).

Any help would be appreciated.

“I seem to be suffering from a case of urinary tract infection”

What symptoms are you having that you think you have a urinary infection?

The bottom line is that you need to see a physician and get a proper diagnosis. It is not likely that any supplements would produce the symptoms of a urinary infection. If you are female then urinary infections are common (the female urethra is shorter among other reasons). If you are male and really have a UTI, you need to get checked out anyway.