Urinary Frequency

This my first post on the forum, long time lurker. Well, Iâ??m kinda puzzled by this, I already went to a urologist and well, got nothing apart from getting diabetes discarded.
The problem is that when I up the volume with training and approach getting a little body fatigued I tend to pee a lot. But like, crazy a lot. Like sometimes once every 10 minutes or so.

It drives me CRAZY. And If I keep pushing it escalates from being a 2-3 hours a day thing to a whole day thing.
Iâ??m currently doing 5/3/1. Today went like: Squats, goblet squats, back ext and abs. Then conditioning. So I’m not doing anything crazy.
I would appreciate A LOT if anyone could have an idea of what could this possibly be.

Thanks =)

I forgot to mention that the urine, when thing get really ugly, gets as clear as water. plus alot of times the volume is very little.

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do you drink a lot more water when you are training?

i tend to drink between 3-6 water bottles full when i’m training. so yeah, i tend to go to the bathroom a lot when i’m at the gym.

some people tell me i should drink a bit less water when i’m training (nothing wrong with becoming mildly dehydrated while training) but i probably run mildly dehydrated at other times, so figure it is better for me to drink up when i want to drink up.

caffeine makes me want to go to the bathroom a lot, too.

i also want to go to the bathroom and / or fill up my water bottle when i’d like a little bit more rest before i do the next rep / set.

not sure if this stuff applies.

Well, I don?t really drink more than usual when this periods occur.
A couple of glasses of water here and there, but nothing special? Really. Nothing for going to pee every 10 minutes for hours.

One thing, when this happens it?s hard to hold up. I mean, you can, but it?s REALLY uncomfortable and most of the times the output volume is low, tho not always always.
As for diuretics, I drink some coffee but that?s it.
By the way, this only happens when I?m getting some fatigue from the lifting weights. This usually comes together with some lethargy. With a couple of days of light work in the gym the symptom disappear.

Thanks for the responses =). I?m really puzzled by this. Plus it pretty much messes your life outside the gym.

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Almost sounds like you’re not completely emptying your bladder. How old are you? May be BPH. Get up at night to urinate? With exercise, your sympathetic responses should ordinarily cause your urge to go away. Maybe your intensity isn’t high enough to keep the parasympathetic away completely? Just throwing some ideas in. Good luck.

I’m 24. And it’s almost never at night. I don’t think it’s the bladder spasms, don’t have any pain, nor leaking.
Sunday I had a session that left me spent, did really hard conditioning after squats day, so I had this problem the whole afternon, then went away at night. Today it wasn’t the whole afternoon but just for an hour at noon and a little in the afternoon. Tomorrow I’ll probably be free from this, my pee stopped being completely clear.
When this happens, the urine is clear, even if I don’t drink anything.

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