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URGENT! Supplement Ban Coming This Summer!

Folks! Read this!

to make it short : Some laws are to be passed this summer across USA and Canada about the a codex regulation regarding the supplement industry (vitamins, minerals, oils…you name it). The pharmaceutical industry would take control of it all, making the prices go up (think stratosphere). Here are the links!

You guys at T-nation know of all this? Anybody has any details about that?

USA readers

Canadian readers

God Damnit I’m gettting sick and fucking tired of seeing a thread about the same subject popping up every other day it seems. Wil someone finally clear up this issue so I can get some fucking peace of mind.

The said bills were introduced by the old Congress and died in committee. At best, they will have to be re introduced in the new Congress to see any action.

codex is a non issue.