URGENT! rapid strength loss!

I need to know what happened… last week i benched 245 12 times… and this week i can only do 250 9 times… whats up with that? how can i go down in strength all of a sudden?

I’ve ready studies that demonstrated a lifter can lose as much as 10% of their strength by missing one woorkout. Conversely, if you lift 245X12 and don’t allow your muscles to fully recover, your strength will diminish. Either your waited too long before your next chest day, or you didn’t wait long enough. Besides, the strength you lost is minimal and should return by the next workout–if you’re rested enough. Are you training chest more frequently than once every 5-7 days?

That’s a minimal strength loss, don’t sweat it. You could have just been tired that day, or stressed, dehydrated, or any number of things. I wouldn’t worry unless your strength keeps declining.

buddy, you increased your weight and only dropped a few reps. chill out

It’s ok, Spencer. When you look at your gains on a chart over time, you’ll see that they come in small waves more often than they occur in a straight line. The best way to learn from these trends is to keep a food log along with keeping track of some of the other things that NK mentioned. Keep track of how soon you lifted after a meal, what time of day you lifted, etc. Did you shoot hoops in the hot sun that day, etc. This is really none of my business, but are you training for strength or hypertrophy? You’re a wrestler and a football player, right? Why the high reps?

i do it 2 times a week… friday… then monday

don’t let little things like that get to you. you probably just had a bad day. not a big deal. sometimes five more pounds will make a difference by a couple of reps.

i do both hypertropghy and strength training… some days i go heavy as hell… and some days i go lighter… im trying to get my 225 max up to at least 16 for this week because of michigan state football camp. so i practice with a little bit heavier weight so when i do it it will seem light.

It sounds like you improved…Marriage and children are what cause dramatic strength losses.

Oh, I see. Good luck at camp. I think you might want to reconsider your choice of school, though. GO BLUE!!! :wink:

Theoretically, You’re gonna lift less on Monday than on Friday because there’s less rest between workouts. Besides, like the other threads said, you didn’t loose that much strength, if any. Try not to worry about it, it’ll be counter-productive

go blue? come right through for msu … yada yada yada… haha actually its possible i could wrestle there but id rather play football at state