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Urgent Question from Psycho! Grape Seed Extract

My lovely superhero who know everything
I’m anorexic girl who lift for a long time :smiley: and never give up, even if I need to fuel myself with 2 cups of espresso before my workout to survive. I’m afraid to eat and my meal options really tight.
Right now I don’t have my cycle for about 7 months but it doesn’t bother me… My doctor prescribed me grape seed extract for every day intake. I don’t eat fruits at all, and don’t eat sugar for a very long time. I’m afraid. Will I gain any weight with this extract? will I start to retain water? :frowning:

Hey @zombocalypse

How’s progress on that 500 squat you wanted? Better than the trolling, I hope.


poor zombo. sucks at trolling. and that’s the only thing he thought he was good at.


can you give actual advices please?
i need to know!

I registered here to find information and get advices from smart people!
I’m in very difficult situation right now and you making fun of me!

A friend of mine had an iguana that would eat weed. We’d smoke up and feed this thing juicy little buds and it would vege out with us.

One day it fell asleep on the water heater. We figured it just liked the warmth. After a few days we started to suspect that something was wrong so he went over to check on it. The thing was bone dry and as stiff and brittle as a twig.

We actually managed to break a lizard.:flushed:


I used to have a pet lizard. Might have actually had a few of them, I can’t remember for sure. They died also.

this is a weird thread

posted on wrong one, sorry

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