I was in weights class 2 days ago and the coach had us doing high reps squats. 5 reps,then 10,15,20,25 then back down.On one of the sets the back of my head lights up like a Christmas tree and gets worse until I rack the weight and stumble onto a bench. I had a dull headache for the rest of the day but it was gone the next day. Today I’m squatting and the pain comes back after I’d only done 2 sets of 5 with warmup weight. I’ve had 2 concussions and this is really scaring me.


^This sound right?

If so I have had two outbreaks of these. I don’t really have any advice on how to get rid of them other than to go easier for a few days, drink plenty of water, and expect them to last off and on for a couple weeks.

Advice = Go to a doctor. Do not screw around with your head.

Vikings that sounds about what happened. The back of my head hurt like a mofo and now I have a horrible headache. MElrodR I’ll probably end up going to the doctor. This same thing happened to me last year during the exact same thing now that I think harder. Except since then I’ve had 2 pretty solid concussions. The weirdest thing about it is that pull ups are the ONE thing that doesn’t bother me. Nearly everything else hurts and I’m just a bit freaked out.

I’ve had these too and found that ibuprofen helped it, i.e. I was able to train through it. Before the ibuprofen, whenever my heart rate went up the headaches started and it was debilitating. With the ibuprofen, I was able to at least get some semi-productive sessions in.