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URGENT: Anyone Know Hawaiian?

Seriously, do any of you know how to speak/spell Hawaiian fluently? I need help spelling out a simple phrase (so I can get it engraved on a gift for my girlfriend). Please PM me if you do… Thanks.


What is the phrase you need? There are some websites out there that have translated phrases.

me ke aloha i ku’u kia

With love to my “deer”

Here’s the website that has the common phrases. http://www.alohafriendsluau.com/words.html

me ke aloha i kuuipo


not 100% sure if the sentence structure is absolutely correct, will check and repost…

[quote]IronHell wrote:
me ke aloha i ku’u kia

With love to my “deer”[/quote]

Weren’t they fairly recently introduced? Would they even have a word for them given such? Aren’t they major pests or is that the joke?

nm. I just read up on their history. Learn something new every day.

If I were you I’d have it in engraved in Pidgin…I’m sure “she da kind girl who like talk story in Pidgin”