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Urgent Advice: Paid Twice by Employers


Hi friends.
Listen Ill keep this quick and to the point.
The last time one of my employers paid me, they accidently paid me twice.
It was a substantial amount(more than 10,000).
The book-keeping lady had called me and asked me to return the money, which I said I would, but I never did. That was 4 months ago. I think they have forgotten about it. Im about to send them a invoice for my next pay check(im a contract worker).

Dilemma is: do I admit to them that I owe them money? Or should I say nothing and see if I get away with it?
I like working with this bunch, but I dont see any future progression with this company.
I need to make a decision soon.
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The fact you are even asking the question tells me they need to find your replacement ASAP. Your invoice to them should include a credit for the amount they overpaid you last time, since you owe them money and haven't paid them.


What do YOU think you should do?


Besides the fact that its completely immoral, the bookkeeping people already know. They are going to pay you whatever they owe you less 10k. You should credit them the 10k on the invoice as a show of good faith.


I say try and get away with it. Best case scenario, you end up in jail and we don't have to see posts that end with tweet tweet anymore.


Do you tweet and work? Maybe they're trying to pay you to stop.


Don't be an idiot, give them a credit invoice. Hell, even a discount for not returning the money sooner.

Being dishonest to that degree will come back and bite you in the ass.


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^Yes please!


You're thinking about stealing from your employer after they've pointed out the error?

How exactly will you explain this to your next prospective employer after you're fired?


You should PIIYOP - put it in your own pooper. You should probably try to protect your own reputation a little better if you are in business for yourself.



10,000 Kangaroos or dingoes?


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This is how The Bird earns $10,000 as a "contractor".


After I got out of the army they paid me about $1000 (Canadian...about $800US at that time I guess) for an exercise I didn't even go on as I'd already gotten out.
So I asked my mom what to do. She said cash the check. I did and nothing bad ever happened. Stupid of me, but somehow I felt OK because my mom said do it.

I guess what I think we can learn from my story is, ask your mom.


fucking lol! ^^




All work we do, we ultimately do for G-d. Are you OK with stealing from Him?

Set off the amount they pre-paid you on your invoice, clearly setting out the check.

"Do not steal" is in the top 10, and applies to all peoples.


Canada has an army?


Dollars to doughnuts this guy tries keeping it anyway, despite all of the advice to the contrary.