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Urbana Champaign undergrad

Anyony here an undergrad student of UIUC? I requested a mailed application, but they sent me a postcard that said apply online or print it yourself, send us an e-mail if you really want an application sent. I’m afraid I might receive this type of treatment in education if I attend UIUC. Can anyone confirm otherwise? I know it’s a D1 school and geared towards graduate, and that its undergrad students were voted among the most likely to not study. I don’t prefer that environment, and I will withdraw interest in the school if I will likely receive poor treatment as undergrad.

Naw man, a lot of places are going online. For one, it’s much quicker than paper crap. two, it’s a lot easier to fill out. three, you can check the status of your app.

I’m a sophmore at UIUC. When I applied here two years ago it was done through the mail. But since the internet is even more accessible now, it makes more sense to take applications only from the internet. It’s cheaper for the school (not having to print out thousands of applications) and it’s probably easier to keep track of.

And as far as the undergrads being voted “the most likely not to study,” how reliable or accurate are surveys like that anyways? Any informal survey is likely to project a false representation of its topic. Since the survey was most likely on paper, people probably felt no obligation to tell the truth.

Personally, I have a great balance of studying and going out. However, I know some people who never go out because they’re always studying, and I know people who never study because they’re always out. Any school you go to will be as good as you make it. If you want to challenge yourself you can definately do it here,

Hope this helps.