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Urban Gardening

Could this money be put to better use?


An entire frame work of urban production scale farming exists from both scientific experimentation and successful private businesses that cater to gourmet restaurants and luxury hotels and high end horticulture distributors(ie spas,salons,and flower shops).

Public management(tax funded) might be necessary for urban production gardens to exist out side of the established luxury/gourmet niche market. The environmental effect of vast urban gardens on human psychological and physical health and vitality are proven.

These health effects are the same but not limited to the effect many of us here on TNation enjoy from eating smart and having the luxury of shopping at well stocked grocery stores complete with fresh produce and meat. This well stocked store is neither affordable or even available in many urban areas of America.

Nutritional education and the welfare food program of debilitated urban areas is a separate but very related set of issues.

I am still very much for the federal government subsidizing big agri business of my kin in U.S. corn belts. All I want is the pie chart of my agricultural tax dollars rearranged a bit. Less federal farm taxes and make more local spending at rebuilding degenerating urban environments and the populations that inhabit them.

Of course local governments like to steal money too but it does seem like less of a federal issue.

I want to go to every major city in America and see much more production scale urban gardening.

I accept death and taxes. I know I have to pay some taxes for things like agricultural investments, schools, prisons or even welfare for degenerating urban environments. I still want new and creative experiments from my government with my tax investments.

Urban gardening?

What do you think?

Is it worth a tax dollar?

You still want new and creative experiments from your government with your tax investments?

I don`t.

Vienna looks nice though.

As long as we’re paying subsidies for agriculture, I’d certainly like to see more dollars directed towards supporting local agriculture. For example, I live in Richmond VA, and for some reason it’s cheaper for local grocery stores to sell apples that have been flown in from Washington state and Chile, when we have delicious VA apples growing 60 miles up the road in Charlottesville. I don’t know if subsidies have anything to do with that, but I can’t see how that system would be economical otherwise.

But as to urban gardens specifically, I don’t think it’s necessary to shift food production to urban areas when there is beautiful farmland just 10-20 miles up the road. Tearing down crack houses for community garden spaces where people could bring their kids and grow a few veggies would be awesome, but I am against giving federal tax dollars to something like. If someone wants to start a community garden, they should raise the money locally, and I would be happy to make a donation, they should not go begging for tax dollars.