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Upwards and Onwards

Been on my current blast for 10 weeks

Started at 450mg Test and 450mg Deca.

I have slowly ramped the dosage to 750mg Test and 600mg Deca

I rotate 30mg Dbol pre workout 2 weeks on/2 weeks off

Bodyweight today was 207lbs, bodyfat I’m getting checked in 2 weeks, prob around 8%

Just got some new gear and ready to hit the next 16 weeks before cruising for a while

Starting from tomorrow

W 11 - 26 900mg Test E
W 11 - 26 875mg Deca
W 11 - 26 875mg EQ
30mg Dbol 2 weeks on/2 weeks off
Letro I am starting out with 0.25mg E2D and got Nolva, Clomid and Adex on hand

i would drop the deca and run tren E

Quick question,

What’s the reason for using EQ instead of just more Test? Less water retention, maybe?

Thanks and good look with your blast.

Thanks for the advice Walkaway,

I was thinking about running this with tren, but to be honest I wanted to stick with deca. It’s my first run with it and I started off fairly light and slowly bumped it up and I feel like I am ready to hit a decent blast with it. My next cycle I am definitely going into the tren territory.

As for the EQ, eaboadar, the reason I wanted to bring in EQ was from the benefits I have been reading up on. I had the cash to buy it and wanted to throw in another compound into the blast. I know its similar to test and is the veterinary grade form of deca, so to speak. To me that seems reasonable to throw it in the mix. I want to “milk the most out of” as little compounds as possible.

I’ll keep the is thread updated as I go along.