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Upstream Hormones, HCG?

So I’ve been looking into the parent hormone Pregnenolone which is most abundantly produced in the Testes. Mine have pretty much become the size of grapes and I would guess my Pregnenolone and DHEA production is very low.
My thinking is very cloudy and I’m experiencing a good deal of anxiety as well, which I’m told can be a marker for deficiencies in this area. I started my T-regimen back in late December and have felt this way early on, though it could be some other life circumstances I’m going through.
I know I need labs on these 2 hormones but I can’t afford them for awhile. I am going to have to go off the “how do you feel” scale over the “let’s let the labs decide” scale for now.

Secondly, it looks like I’ll be taking HCG which I’m told will backfill some hormonal pathways upstream from Testosterone itself: Pregnenolone > DHEA > Hormones XYZ. I know HCG stimulates LH but not FSH. Any thoughts on HCG? I know it allegedly increases Estrogens as well which for me should be fine right now. I’ve been sitting at around 15 E2 for some reason and my joints kill me in the gym.

Can anyone confirm or deny the actions of HCG on Pregnenolone and it’s descending hormonal tree?

What is the bioavailability of oral Pregnenolone and DHEA? Does anyone here take it?

I take 50mg preg first thing in the morning. Gives better mental clarity.


Appreciate it. Do you notice a bigger difference when you don’t? Is it a regular oral tablet/gel cap like one available off Amazon?

I’ve been told Pregnenolone acts like a neural steroid as well as a precursor to other steroids.

I’m still playing around with it. But yes, I notice if I don’t take it.

After trt I had a preg fest and obviously it was very low. Can’t hurt to try I think.

You mean TRT raised you Pregnenolone? Was it just Testosterone you were originally taking that increased your Pregnenolone numbers?

I’m pretty sure hcg and Preg is correct. Besides the anxiety and the e2 issue how you feeling. Do you feel good. Focus and energy! Or shit and anxiety 99% of the time?

I would definitely try to optimize all of my hormones. It makes sense. Why just take Testasteorne when your body needs a few for quality of life. If ones off your probably having imbalances everywhere right? I can tell you I was told thyroid and testasterone are the two major feel good therapies. I would run those two, but include a thyroid.

If you continue with issues find a better doc… there’s no reason you should have to do this on your own guessing and hoping it’s the answer.

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Well, I’ve got some heavy anxiety life issues to deal with so I don’t know what the cause is. I’m still adjusting to Testosterone and I’m only about 2 months in so it’s hard to say.

My thoughts exactly. I want to see where everyone’s at on HCG, Pregnenolone, and DHEA. I’ve gathered some great experience off seasoned members. I’m also curious about the sciences behind each hormone if anyone understands them. Experience is empirical and trumps statistical data, though statistical data has a place.

I’m having to go with what I can afford financially. We’ll see how things work out. If anything gets dire, I’ll find an avenue, I usually do.

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Any thoughts on the OP @highpull

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HCG works for guys. It jsut seems this group seems to not like it. Myself included. Hated the sides. I found it’s not the e2 that one gets sides from when injecting hcg, it’s the hcg chemical that brings sides more than anything. Try it man. I’ve seen the arguments and there’s plenty of folks who think hcg helps them. I won’t discount that. It jsut made everything worse for me.

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Damn enackers! Good to know. I wonder what the problems are with hCG and why all the sides?

I would only use it for memory issues as a memory enhancer. Labs are reportedly not reliable for monitoring.

Cholesterol converts to pregnenalone via hCG stimulation of the converting enzyme.

Oral preparations of pregnenolone should be micronized and in sustained release capsules.


My belief is the same and I am having memory issues. I did wonde, however, if FSH had a hormonal role like LH’s role with Pregnenolone, DHEA and other cascading Hormones. My understanding is that only LH is stimulated by hCG and GnRH stimulates both LH and FSH.
Also, if hCG allows the Testes to produce Pregnenolone in supporting Leydig cellular structures/allows the liver to produce the P450 enzymes to cleave it from Cholesterol, then why would we take Pregnenolone with it?

Can these be obtained easily like gelcap Pregnenolone or is this a prescription medicine?

Yes I have time release capsules of pregnalone. Like a antibiotic with little grains or powder within.

No clue about the question you asked. Sounds interesting. I believe my doc said he would prescribe hcg and hmg when the time comes to become fertile again. Might want to look into hmg. Not even sure what that is.

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I’m curious about hmg too enackers…I haven’t heard of it yet…I will look it up. Thank you for sharing your experience.

Is the Pregnenolone a pharmaceutical or can it be bought as a supplement?

Pregnalone is Pharma. You want to take pharmacy grade on everything that’s vital to health to ensure your getting the dose and highest quality. Maybe it works with pharmacy and not with non.

My doc gave me vitamin d from pharmacy as well after he found I was taking the otc version. He said this is way better for whatever reason.

Human Menopausal Gonadotropins ( hMG ): An injection that contains equal parts of FSH and LH (luteinizing hormone), given to stimulate the ovaries to produce multiple eggs during one cycle. Common hMG medications include:

Oh, wow, that’s some cool stuff. I want to study it’s method of action.
I read a PubMed study that showed GnRH to be too expensive to produce and difficult to administer consistently and stably in the human body.
hCG alone is a concentration of over 100 amino-peptides temporarily stabilized in a chain and only stimulates LH in the testicles.
I wonder what hMG is composed of and how they figured out a way to stimulate FSH and LH equally.
I gotta check this out.

Pharmaceutical compounds are at least guaranteed to have exactly what is stated on the bottle. There really isn’t a way that the FDA can insure supplements are what they say they are.
Highpull makes a good case with all the alleged hCG tablets that are sold for a diet fad. hCG will not survive 1st bypass metabolism by the liver when taken orally. I’m suprised people buy the supplemented version.
I’m hoping Pregnenolone is more like the Vitamin D world in supplements so that it stands a chance of absorption and utilization by the human body.

Yup who knows. The vitamin d I have from
Pharmacy is liquid gel and yellow.

Yes hcg and hmg very interesting and amazing how they managed to make these things. The hcg tablets are probably causing a placebo effect in folks haha… I’d be curious to see a study about if. Let me know what you find I was seeing they prescribe hcg and hmg together often for fertility issues. I guess it’s better than just hcg … glad my doc is doing that; tells me he’s on if.

Yes, yes, and yes.

I want to find out what other roles FSH plays in the hormone system. I don’t know why it’s like we have to have access to the Stanford library just to find out what all these hormones and proteins really do. If LH is responsible for activities involving Pregnenolone production and anything else besides partial Leydig function then I want to know! This is a lifelong endeavor we’re on when we start TRT.

I love finding out about this stuff and understanding as much as my brain can decipher. I’ve been pouring through biochemistry and it’s complexities are AMAZING! I’ve decided to stop studying Zinc’s role in biology for now because it’s ridiculously beyond me. If the medical community has mapped Zinc out so well, why don’t they shine a light on TRT?

You seem to have a passion for all things medical. I just dip my feet into it and understand when and why for the most part, but how it actually works in the body is a partial mystery.

Btw I asked why the scrotul cream was better and was told it doesn’t have to metabolize and go through the liver (maybe he said kidney) . Thus less side effects and better delivery. Not in potency.

The medicine is immediate to. No waiting 6 weeks for stabilization. Within days you are high levels.