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Upstate South Carolina training facility

I am starting an athlete training facility in the upstate of SC next month, probably in Easley. It is gonna be a no-nonsense atmosphere, I would love to get some T-Nation folk coming by to train. Elite-fts will be outfitting it. I will keep yall posted, but let me know if you are in the area.

How far are you from Clinton? I visit the area occasionally.

About 2.5 hours South of there but went to school at Clemson. There is already an excellent facility in Central as well as a group of powerlifters that train on their own equipment at a fitness center in Piedmont that lets them have a corner. Contact Troy Nash (SC SPF chair), as he heads up that crew.

KP - about an hour north straight up 385/185.

Stronghold - thanks for the info, will definitely try to contact them.

I go to school at Clemson. Shoot me a pm and I can try to make a trip out there if it’s not too far.