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Upstate NY Strongman


I am thinking about doing the New Jersey's Strongest Man competition in late September as my first strongman competition. Anyone in Upstate NY(Rochester, Buffalo, Syracuse) area train for these events?

Is anyone interested in training for these events?

Don't worry if you are inexperienced, as of right now it looks like the first time I touch a real atlas stone will be at the competition.



Jared - Contact Ben Lambousis, the guy who runs NAS for New York. He lives in Middletown and runs a training group out of New Paltz. Also - How close are you to Mike Miller's gym? He's a top level powerlifter who's changing over to strongman. If I'm thinking right, New Paltz is a little bit of a trip for you, but it's well worth it. I'm from L.I., and in the middle of training for Jersey. What class are you going into?


Thats funny, I actually just sent Ben an email after I posted on here.

Where is Mike Miller's gym?

I'm definitely lightweight-- 200lbs.


Do you weigh 200lbs. exactly, or did you mean you are under 200lbs.?


Jared, definitely hook up with kroc30 (Kevin) for this comp. He's an awsome guy and pretty crazy training partner. Never seems to tire. Fricking energizer bunny.

Good luck



I weigh in at around 200. Given that the cutoff to heavyweight is 231 there's no way that I'll make it to that in the near future.


Jared - Miller works out of Nazareth Barbell. Unfortunately, it's in Penn, so it's probably too far. The training group in New Paltz is probably your best bet. If I'm prepping for a show, I'm usually at Iron Island or STEEL early Saturday morning, but both are out on Long Island, a good 4-6 hour drive for you.


Also - Good to see that you contacted Ben. He pretty much knows almost everyone in the Northeast who trains for Strongman and where. If you weigh around 200, check the LW subcategories - Some of the shows break the lightweights down to 175 and under, 175-200, and 200-231, depending on how many enter in each class. I'm doing the Jersey show also and trimming down to 231 from about 245. I have the apps, but didn't look to see if there were subcategories, since I usually come in at the top of the LW's.