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Upside Down Pyramid & The Financial Crisis

Politics mean alot to me, because I feel them, I live them lately.

I feel like most of the things that go on in my life right now, and alot of the hardship I feel, is either a parody of current government policy or directly caused by it.

Basically, this is a vent but you might find it interesting.

I’m 20, and I want more than anything to get the fuck out of the situation I’m at.

Why? Because, I live in the upside-down-pyramid that plagues the Western World.

Odd isn’t it? But in my immediate family there are more old people than young people, and none of these old people have money.

I live with these annoying old fucks, because I spent two years helping my Dad on his tenant propeties, that he now owes on like a used car payment because they aren’t worth shit, and squandered his entire retirement on trying to develop. He just refinanced them to an ‘in-title-only’ ownership, so they are basically just an expense.

Funny thing is, he was housing illegal mexicans and after those people got chased off, we haven’t had any tenants because these people were the only ones who would live in the squalid conditions of the roach motel.

So now it just costs money, my Father made 140k a year at his job, and somehow is now broken with debt.

Now instead of selling off those stupid wasteful properties, we sold our house, during this whole real estate collapse for subprime value.

I know this, because I live it, and I’ve wasted so much fucking time helping my Dad, with odd jobs, and maintenance on these retarded fucking places since I was 17.

Why didn’t he just sell the property? Well it’s because him and my Mother went through the wasteful booming 90s and she tried to find herself after some argument they had, and started living 2 hours a way, in this little podunk town.

They basically were seperated, and he partially got these properties to be near her on the weekend…once the properties fell through, he’s a lonely old man, so he’s goign to just stay at his tenant properties with his wife, and they will suffer together.

I really don’t give a shit, if it weren’t for the fact, that I spent so much time on this and we had to move into my Aunt’s house in the major city we’re from.

She’s a 66 year old married 4 time women who lives with her 60 year old husband who is from our native county and immigrated here when he was 50 to basically be her stfu servant-husband, really don’t ask.

On top of that my 94 year old Grandma lives in this house too, and she is basically on life support and has serious medical needs.

She spent her whole time in the USA working at the airlines and taking vacations and never moving up into management because she would lose her vacation privileges or some shit. Well she got laid off and they cut her wage and then her retirement, and she has wreckless luxurious spending, so now she is broke too. She has refinanced this house god knows how many times.

Anyways, me and my Father are the only ones who work, because I guess it is fashionable now to retire before you have the means to and just watch TV all day and act like the world screwed you.

So my family tries to guilt me into paying some of my salary, (on top of my rent), to these useless old fucks who just talk shit and pretend like someone screwed them over.

My Aunt never had any children, nor did she make any investments, so she’s basically without a retirement.
Her husband is a broke ass loser. My other Aunt who doens’t live with us, did well for herself and had one child. I don’t think she helps to pay for her sister.

I’m just thinking, this is the future of Western Europe, and North America. I’m living it.

All old people who did nothing in their life but ride the good times, and didn’t prepare, trying to play authoritarian figure over younger people, and guilt them into paying for their wrecklessness as if they didn’t have the opportunties or some shit.

Anyways, if you took the time to read all of this, what do you think? Should euthanasia be legal? If you never had any children should you be eligible to collect social security? Should we put down, uneducated, non-wealthy and unhealthy elder people when they become a burden to the state?

That is what I think, and is to what I’m going to do to get out of this? I’m going to join the Marines, and forget about my wreckless family. I am not going to make my life to take care of people who never took care of theirs.

Soylent green is good for bulking.

The baby boomer generation (as a whole) loves to spend a shit ton of money. We are going to be digging out of this for a while.

Now I hope my generation doesn’t fall into the same trap… but I’m not so optimistic.

Too many people have decided that their big buddy government is going to pay the bills when they stop working. Your best bet now is to get as far away as possible from those people, and start saving immediately! They will try to mooch off of you, it’s what they do. Hell, it’s what I did for years, and I’m in the process of getting my financial shit in order so I don’t have to spend the rest of my life depending on someone else.

Good luck man!

With regard to social security, I think people should be allowed to save their money tax-free, with a certain amount matched by the government in private accounts that they can’t access until they retire.

Euthanasia? I don’t know, I think anyone who wants to off themself should be allowed to do so, as long as taxpayers aren’t footing the bill for the cleanup.

[quote]Guerrero wrote:
Anyways, if you took the time to read all of this, what do you think? Should euthanasia be legal? If you never had any children should you be eligible to collect social security? Should we put down, uneducated, non-wealthy and unhealthy elder people when they become a burden to the state?[/quote]

Just leave and go live your life.

Oh, and it’s probably not “euthanasia” if the recipient is against it.

[quote]lixy wrote:
Soylent green is good for bulking.[/quote]

Yes, the proteins have excellent bio-availability.

Maybe if your post was about half as long I would have read it.

Just leave and move on.

Simply because your family made bad life descisions it doesn’t mean they have to impact you any further.