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Upside down chin-ups

Imagine wide grip lat pulls on a cable crossover machine using the parallel grip. Now imagine the same exercise, but putting your legs through your arms, raising your feet toward the ceiling, and doing the same exercise inverted.

I have googled this, but I am not talking about the torso being parallel to the ground, but torso being perpindicular to the ground.

Imagine the use of inversion boots, hanging upside down, body in a straight line. Now imagine reaching up, grabbing parallel handles, and doing wide grip chin-ups upside down.

Imagine using ab blasters, but raising the feet up to a point where they are above the head.

20 years ago, I thought I invented this exercise. However, I know there is nothing new under the sun, so I could not have invented it. However, I am amazed that it is not used much.

Where is the discussion of the upside down (totally inverted) chin-up?

Presently, I use gymnastics rings for this exercise instead of a wide-grip parallel lat pull on a cross-over. A little swinging is involved, but that just makes the exercise more fun. :slight_smile: