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Upset to Say the Least

Ok so I went to the urologist because I had testicular pain and wanted hcg. He wanted to take me off the test shots and put me on clomid and then test. I had told him no, lol.

Anyways we worked somthing out and I was put on clomid and would get three more t shots then stop the shots and test 2 weeks later. Anyways a couple days after my 3rd shot I started feeling great.

Basically I was starting to have all these wonderful experiences that everyone talks about with successful TRT. Previously I was on 100mg and the only thing I felt was that my mood swings disappeared. I e-mailed the urologist letting him know how good I felt and I wanted to get tested to see where I was at that time.

Ten days after my last shot I crashed. I felt worse than even before I started the tx. minus the mood swings. I actually even felt depressed hasn’t ever been a problem. I had my last labs and they were the same as when I was just on the t shots. (So I’m confused on how I actually felt worse…)

I go to see the urologist and he’s telling me my labs are normal with just the clomid and he doesn’t feel comfortable putting me on t shots and clomid when I have normal lab values.

So I’m pissed, I was pissed before the apt because I saw this coming and had my arguments prepared. I talked about optimal ranges, treating only the numbers and not the symptoms. Told him if he came to me coughing but he had a normal temperature did that mean he wasn’t sick.

He said if I could get an endocrinologist to sign off on it he would tx. it. I’m thinking wtf if and endocrinologist signs off on it I don’t need him to tx. it, the damn endo will tx it.

Anyways I was almost there! I’m so pissed now I gotta do all this again with endo and we all know how well they tx. TRT.

Clomid will mess with your mood and kill libido which is why it’s not used in place of traditional TRT. For a few guys it actually works ok but that’s rare. Interesting how the combination worked for you.

That’s one I’ve never heard. Some people actually use a small dose of clomid in place of HCG during TRT to keep their nuts going which sounds like a great idea if you don’t have mood problems with the clomid.

My Dr told me if you’re using less than 200mg a week of T 25mg of clomid will keep LH going. If Androxal would ever be released it would benefit all of us with T issues.