Upset Stomach: Linked With Healthy Fats?

Hi, I have a friend that has been having some stomach issues. Pains, gas, occassional diarrhea. The pain sometimes overwhelms to the point of stopping everything and laying down.
I want to help since I’ve been offering advice to my friends diet and how to trim the fat and hit the weights etc.

It’s believed that it has to do with the intake of nuts and occassional greasy food, Chinese food dinner lead to upset later, a given in any case, but the pains from healthy fats concerns me most.

After some experimenting as to what leads to this, it turns out the absences of nuts alleviated the stomach pains.
I’m thinking it’s Irritable Bowel Syndrom on a google searched I tried.

I’m hoping not all the good fats effects my friend this way since eating healthy fats helps to rid of the bad fat on our bodies.

Any suggestions as to what it may be and suggestions on food intake to help lean my friend up, if the healthy fat intake is an issue?

Many thanx.

It turns out that even with no nuts there has been pains still.
Just wondering if anyone has had similar experiences or stories of others.

He should see a doctor. You can’t diagnose IBS until other things have been ruled out. Could be food allergies, IBS, a virus, or something more serious.

Agree with reef.

He definitely should see a doctor. My father has diverticulitis which is enflamed by nuts/seeds. It could be something as simple as heartburn or acid reflux, but if this is a regular condition it could be something more serious.