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Upset Stomach After Intense Sports Activity

I play rugby at my college and every week after our match I am naueseous for 5 or 6 hours, I have never vommited but my stomach just churns and churns. I have not been concussed.

I have played rugby for four years and this has never happened before and I am actually [largely thanks to techniques and advice I have found on T-Muscle, and spending the summer playing with the natal sharks in south africa.] in the best shape of my rugby career if not my life.

My matches are at 1 and I eat at 8 30 in the morning, usually yogurt and bran mixed in together, a bowl of oatmeal, two apples, a grapefruit a glass of chocolate milk and about a litre of watered down gatorade, i also take two glucosamine pills, two scoops of Superfood, and four Flameout.

Anyone got any ideas about what could be causing this?

Not sure if this is relevant but I lift four times a week [unfortunately it has to be sunday monday tuesday wednesday so I get enough rest in before games on saturday.]

I take surge pre before and during and then 1 scooop metabloic drive and 2 scoops Surge post after, i also take gnc triflex [glucosamine and chondriotin] and Flameout to help with my knees which both get prety bad tendonitis and Superfood instead of a mutlivatimin.

Any advice? anyone experienced anything like this after long contact sports?

Hmmm… Ever try forcing down an apple or two post match? I assume you don’t eat when you’re naueseous for those 5-6 hours.

8:30 -> 1 is a long time without food. I’d try a bowl of oatmeal or peanut butter sandwich an hour or so before the game see if that helps.

Thanks guys, I’ll try some food before the game and see if eating after helps.

Never had this happen to me, I’ve been playing for 5+ years now. Although my body does do some strange things during rugby season, ha, maybe you could deload for a week and see if that helps. It could be possible you’re eating too big a meal in the morning before the match, I know it took me a while to manage my pre-match nutrition.

If I ate too big a breakfast I’d feel sluggish and groggy, but if I just nibbled food for a few hours I seemed to play better come match-time. I’d say just mess around with what you’re eating pre-match, seems like you’ve got the post match nutrition figured out.