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UPS are Extortionists


So I order some stuff from the US Inzer site, comes to about 150 bucks + 30 bucks shipping. I think reasonable. I picked the cheapest option.

Today i get a slip on my door saying that they tried to deliver but i wasn't home, they will try again tomorrow. what time? who cares, leave that shit blank.

and at the bottom of the slip i see "44.50 COD"

what the fuck does this mean. where the fuck does this charge coming from. are they telling me that I have to pay more than 50% of the price of something just to fucking ship it?

and what happens if i dont pay? they just keep my shit? is this the god damned mafia? Nowhere does it fucking say when i order that last minute, a guy would come with my package and tell me that if i dont pay more money ill never see it again.

It makes me wonder. How many shitty businesses are afloat merely because they rely on customer ignorance and complacency? Why doesn't UPS just tell me how much is GOING TO FUCKING COST BEFORE I ENTER MY CREDIT CARD NUMBER. This is fucking lying and extortion and its an ignorant way of doing business.

im fuck sick of this. 7$ network access fees for cellphone, if that isn't included in the plan, what the FUCK does my plan pay for?


If you think that's bad, try working for them. Talk about sweatshop labor.


If it's clothing or a lifting belt or something of that sort then there will be a customs import fee that you wouldn't know about until it was delivered to you. UPS probably wouldn't have been able to predict that cost beforehand. I ordered a belt from elitefts a while ago, along with a couple of shirts, and had to pay a fee upon deliver for customs charges.


QFT x2


COD is a customs fee. UPS wouldn't know what the COD charge would be until after it cleared customs, this would be why it's not included in your original fee. And yes, they won't release your package until you pay your COD charge. Usually they hold it for 5 days before they send it back to the shipper if they can't deliver or you won't pick up from the depot. Just an FYI, when you do pay your COD charge save your paperwork, UPS has a habit of trying to re-collect your COD charge, without proof they will take you to a collection to recover the cost which may impact your credit.


This is why I won't order from sites that don't offer USPS delivery. I have never been stuck with COD charges from them. I ordered a 30$ singlet from Inzer and after shipping and extortion fees, it came out to 65$. Then UPS sent me a bill for the same charges I paid upon delivery about 2 weeks later. They suck.


and customs charges this because?


They have to check the shit coming across their boarders


it costs 45 bucks to do that?


I have no problem with UPS. In fact I think they are the best out of all of the delivery services. I've never ordered from out of the country before so I have never had a problem like that before. My gripe is with fedex. They "lost" my Biotest package once and said it was delivered which the driver never actually did. They don't knock or ring the door bell like UPS does so I know it is there. Got jacked on that one.


Yeah, that sucked. I'm at a point now that I'm sorry I burned that bridge, but I felt great about it then.


Any company that leaves my brand new laptop next to the door in the rain is messed up. no knock or anything.


UPS are fuckin' highway robbers! I only order from companies in the U.S. that ship USPS into Canada - I never pay bullshit duties this way.


No, they probably figure you owe them taxes for the purchase on top of the cost of opening it up. That, or a Canadian PL gear company has the ultimate protectionist lobby.

What I can't figure out is why exactly is it the UPS that's charging the fee instead of the customs office. Most likely UPS went ahead and paid the charges at the border.


Here are the custom clearance fees:


You may also have GST/PST on the order. If it's GST/PST you can't really complain since you wouldn't have paid sales tax on purcahse.

As for what they'll do if you don't pay, they'll return it and charge you for the shipping. So you'll pay the clearance fee, return shipping and likely a USA clearance fee and not have the product.

FYI - Biotest now ships to Canada through UPS instead of FedEx.

I've had a few orders from Biotest through FedEx and one through UPS.

With FedEx, I always paid the $25 flat shipping fee at purchase and then a $10 clearance fee plus GST/PST.

The last shipment ($25 paid online at time of purchase for shipping) through UPS had a clearance fee of $16 for an order >$200 and no tax??? I'm still trying to figure this one out.


Huh?! That's terrible, when did they switch? Any idea why?


Never having anything shipped across borders, I can't speak to that. But I do know from experience that UPS is rougher on their packages than either FedEx or the post office.

I remember once receiving a document at work that had been sent UPS and the envelope literally had dirt and TIRE TRACKS on it! No damage was done to the papers inside, but I have heard of other cases where machinery that was shipped UPS arrived broken from having been dropped. I can't imagine how much they must pay out on insurance claims. I suspect some of those guys in brown practice medicine ball slams using packages.


I'm not sure why they switched, but it was sometime earlier this year.

The funny thing was, not so much at the time, I always shipped the package to a FedEx drop-off point and then picked it up on my way home from work. So without knowing they switched I hipped to the same location. For some strange reason FedEx would pay my COD charges to UPS. haha


Power GnP wrote:
Ruggerlife wrote:

FYI - Biotest now ships to Canada through UPS instead of FedEx.

Huh?! That's terrible, when did they switch? Any idea why?

I'm not sure why they switched, but it was sometime earlier this year.

As a shipper/receiver that USED to work for UPS many moons ago & use UPS daily now at work (having been with Fedex until UPS undercut them globally for my employers = money talks, right? I can say that I ship internationally daily & all courier companies at some point are the same, suck or great. You're only as good as your employees.

I have seen both sides being a courier & customter & the storise I could tell you would have you simultaneously laughing/crying (boxes coming in with the bottoms being held by strips of Scotch tape, not packing tape, boxes that look like they were airdropped from a combat zone, picked up, run over by the plane taxiing off/on the runway then being squeezed on the conveyor belt, etc. Envelopes torn in half, boxes magically appearing in the receiving area without a signature in sight...)

According to my work experience the item being shipped must be securely packed so as to endure a 3 foot drop & travelling through up to 5 miles of conveyor belt through Memphis, TN (Fedex) or Louisville, KY (UPS)

Oh man it's a laugh a day with these guys nowadays but UPS is NOTORIOUS with rape COD charges - that's why have my co-workers ask WTF did we switch couriers...

To the OP - you will have to sort it out with UPS but yep for now you're stuck with having to pay the COD to get your stuff... Say thank you to CDN Border & Security Agency for the bombass customs/duties.

In my lucky experience I usually ship my shit to work; using either Fedex, USPS or UPS & if the company you work for is generous to have their own customs brokers they can do all the paperwork, which WITHOUT a broker UPS assumes that role & hence the COD charge for their, ahem, trouble on top of what CDN Customs deemed you should be dinged for buying outside the country you bad Canadian you LOL.

I'm in Toronto so I see it all the time :frowning: Sorry for the long ass novella but I have to deal with this shit daily at work so good to pass on some info & vent.


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