Uprising's Training Log

I have yet to find a good way to keep a log of my workouts but I think this will work well so here goes. This isn’t going to be organized, just a place for me to get down my thoughts. I’ve been training for almost a year and a half. I am 18 now, started off at 130lbs. I’m up to 158. Going for 170 before the new year. (Havent gained any real mass in the last few months.)

Right now Im doing a body part split. Im going on a week vacation in mid december so I’ll be doing the super-accumulation program for 2 weeks prior, then just sit back and eat all the free food I can handle.

Anyway, today I did chest.

Started off with some bench presses. Wasn’t feeling them today, don’t think I warmed up enough (the last set was the best of them all)

165lbs 6X4X6

It was down from last week but I did improve my ROM, going all the way down instead of stopping a couple inches above.

Pullovers 65 12X12X10 Just missed my last 2 reps, a bit longer rest and I would of had it.

Flat DB Press 65 5X5X5 Weak wrists holding these back. (Any ideas?)

Started taking Surge and BCAA’s today. Tastes fucking delicious. We’ll see how it goes.
Thinking an arm day tommorrow, I havent done any direct work on them for a long time.

Also working on correcting anterior pelvic tilt and my lovely hunchback right now. So far so good.

Decided to hit the legs instead today.

My lower back isn’t 100% yet so I stuck with BW squats again for the 2nd time.

Did 500 in 30min, 10min less than last week.

I think by next week I’ll be ready for some real squats. Or I might stick with these for a couple more weeks. Kind of an experiment to see how it affects my heavy squats.

I’m going to start doing a push/pull split after today. I need to focus on only the bigger lifts.

Today is a long work day so I just did some military presses for shoulders.

105lbs X 8 3 sets

Just hit the back.
Chin-ups BW + 25lbs 5X8reps (up 5lbs)

Lowered the Rows a lot to improve my form

115lbs 3X8 reps

Going to have a nap then hit the bench later on.

So far Surge has worked great for recovery.

Bench 165lbs 3X8

Pull-overs 70lbs 3X12

Both up from last workout. Warmed up with some flyes which helped me out on the bench.

Not sure if I’ll hit legs or Shoulders tomorrow. We’ll see.

I tried some military presses on Friday but my shoulders were to blasted from the previous day.

Took a few days off and hit em yesterday.
110 3X6

Then hit back today

Chin-ups BW + 30lbs 5X8 (missed very last rep)again +5lbs

Rows 120 3X8 (better form) +5 lbs

tomorrow will probably hit the legs. I think I’ll stick to BW squats this last time to make sure my back is healed and ready for some weight.

Did 500 in 25min so I shaved 5min from last time. ALmost threw up cuz I was hungover as shit. Must cut back.

Tried chest on Thursday, I could only get 170 4 reps on the last set so decided to try it again today. Shoulder hurt, did back instead.

Only had time for chins

BW+35lbs 5X8 up 5lbs from last time.

Got back in there today after a week off.

Doing the Super-Accumulation program.

I only had time to work out once today so I started on the second day instead.

Front Squats 155lbs 5X6
Pull-ups BW+20lbs 5X6
Db bench (only have enough weights for one arm at a time) 65lbs 5X6

Keep up the good work!
Snap some progress pics n post’em here eh?

First workout today went well.

Squats 205lbs 5X4
No leg curl machine so I stuck my feet under a bar and did them with BW that way (not sure what thats called).

I think thats the first time i’ve done direct hammy work and wow, they really need it. I think this will help my squat alot.

One arm DB Row. 105lbs 5X6
Dips BW+85lbs 5X4

Next workout in 4 hours. Going to have a nap.

Heres a couple pics I just snapped.

I’ll take some after my vacation and hopefully see some gains.

Didn’t feel like fucking around trying to set the timer so I did the best I could.

Just finished workout #2

Snatch grip Deadlift on platform 225lbs 10X6

Chins - 5X6

DB Shoulder Press - 40lbs 5X6

Nice pic!
Any significance to the tats ?

The one on my arm is “Namaste”, which represents the pure energy, love and empathy, that is a part of every person. Most of the time it’s hidden beneath a whole bunch of shit, but it’s there if you look for it. I experienced this one mushroom trip, probably the best one i’ve ever had. The same one that instilled in me the belief, beyond any doubt, that we really can do/be anything we want if we work hard enough.

The one on my ribs came after. Its an anogram, which means it’s two words in one.
If you read it one way it says my last name. The other way it says “Imperium” , which basically means absolute power. I got this when I was going through some really rough times to help me make it through. To me it was part of getting back control of my life.

Anyways, back to my training.

Today was good…

Front Squat - 135lbs 5X6 (used the clean grip instead of crossed arms, hence the drop in weight, all my wrists could take)

Hamstring curls - BW 5X4 (small improvement, still used hands a bit)

DB Bench - 70lbs 5X6

Weighted pull-ups - 20lbs 5X8 (missed one rep)

I hope I can make improvements for a few more days before I start to lose strength from overtraining.

Only day 4 and I’m feeling like hell lol.

Squat - 210lbs 5X4

Hamstrings - 5X4 no improvement

DB Row - 110lbs 5X6 (last set missed rep)

Dips - BW + 85lbs 4X5 (DB broke 4th set, fuck)

I think my strength will start to go soon.

Second workout was good.

Deadlifts on platform - 230lbs 10X6
(switched to normal grip halfway through, couldnt hold on to the bar)

Chins - 5X6 again

Had to use BB for presses so went like this.

115lbs 4X4 95lbs 6X6X6

My sleep quality is getting worse, but my strength it still alright and I’m in a pretty good mood.

Front Squat - 140lbs 5X6

Hamstring curls - 5X4 with BW but getting better

DB press - 75lbs 5X6 (missed last rep)

Pull-ups - 25lbs 5X7

Feel like I’m getting more out of my each rep/set/workout.

I took a bit of time off on the weekend because I was supposed to go snowboarding and I wanted legs for that so I skipped Friday, only hit chest and back Saturday and skipped Sunday.

I still have a week left before I leave so I’ll try to fit in 2 workouts every day to make up for it. Today I only had time for one though so it looked like this.

Front Squat - 150lbs 5X6

Hammy curls - 30 reps in 7min (found this way better) with BW, going to add weight next time.

DB Press - 80lbs (hard) sets were something like this


should of warmed up.
My left arm was weaker only got 3 reps.

Pull-ups - 25lbs 5X8