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Upright Row

I’m doing TBT and its workout 2 for me for the first time.

On it I have something that says upright rows.

Now I know the machine that does rowing, but from everyones negative feedback, Im assuming there is a free weight motion as well?

Anyone know of a avi or different name for this. http://www.uwlax.edu/strengthcenter/videos/video_index.htm didnt have it

Also, is there a different excersise to replace this with.

It’s “Barbell Row sup. grip” on the uwlax video page.

Might want to search this site or google for an exact explanation. Here it goes anyway (no, the link you were given is for bent over barbell rows): you take a shoulder width or narrower grip on a barbell, and lift it to your shoulders while staying upright.

Ahh, ive done similar with dumbells i beleive

oops here it is


thanks guys

[quote]GQed76 wrote:
Ahh, ive done similar with dumbells i beleive[/quote]

It’s easier on your wrists with dumbbells.