Upright Barbell Rows Grip Width

With the grip width comes confusion for me.
When i do a tight grip , it puts too much pressure on my wrists. and i can hear my wrists moving…

Substitute safer exercises instead?

what do u mean?

Choose a different exercise which works the same muscle groups. One that feels better.

If tight grip doesn’t work for you, try a wide grip.

In other words… Upright rows suck and are a dangererous and inefficient choice for most people. They’re bad for the wrists and shoulder girdle unless you have great flexibilty and strong support (rotator cuff) muscles. Cleans, hangs, shrugs, presses and deadlifts will work the same muscle group in a safer manner and usually allow for greater loads to be used.

If you really feel the need to upright row, just use dumbbells.

ANY exercise performed poorly will have potential for injury. If you like upright rows, which I do, simply use a grip where your thumbs are at least at “nipple width”. Don’t even try that ridiculous hands together grip you see in the glossy mags. Most importantly don’t allow your thoracic spine to round forward; keep your chest high.

Very Narrow for more traps. Medium Grip for more side delts.