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Upping the Weight, More Injuries?


Ok so I've been lifting for 5months an trying to lose weight everything is going fine but this avo when i was doing deads something Ive only just started doing for the last 3 weeks i had a pop in the lower right hand side of my back and im in extreme pain. I can hardly move and ill be going to the doctors tomorrow morning if im this sore.

My question did jumping from 50kgs in total to 97kgs on deads have a part in the injury as my max for deads was 50kgs until today and i did 6 reps at 97kgs and it was on the 6th rep when i locked it out that i hurt myself and should i save reps next time an stop .

for example i did 12x50 then 10 x 80 9x 85 then 6 x 97 should i have stopped at the 85s and sorry if its hard to read the pain killers have kicked in


More than likely, yes. You gotta be very careful with deadlifts man, see what the doc says. Everyone at some time or another tweaks their back in some way. Hopefully it is nothing serious and just take this as a lesson learned for next time!


I bet it was form related. You made a huge jump in load and your back and core muscles probably weren't ready to stabilize your spine.