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Upping the Total

Current PRs- 405x2,425,225,1055
12wk cycle goals-465,475,275,1215
I am around 5?8 and weigh about 175 right now. This is post wrestling season so I am a little soft around the edges but at this point as long as I keep moving more weight, I?m not too worried about it. I am 20 as of today and have been lifting as wrestling permits since I was 13. I plan to compete in October ?09 and have my sights set on a certain meet so I am working towards being my best for that.
4 day Westside Split with the lifts coming on different days to fit my schedule.
Monday- ME Lower. Tuesday- DE Upper. Wednesday- Off or sled work. Thursday- DE Lower. Friday- ME Upper.

I have a habit of performing the same lifts for my ME work until my progress stalls. So far it has worked out for me. I have a feeling that with this cycle, I will have to alternate more often than I am used to.
I know these kinds of gains in a 12 week cycle might seem optimistic or unrealistic but I?ve been having great progress and am trying to capitalize on it and have a plan to hit the goals I want. I have the week by week breakdown on where my gains need to be in poundage per week but it is way too long to post here. My weekly increase in squat~6lbs. In the deadlift~4lbs. In the bench~5lbs.

Monday 4/6
Box Squats
Warmed up with 135 and moved to 225/315/365 for 5?s. Moved up to 405 and hit triples for four more sets. The triples at 405 went up pretty easily and feel like I should have hit 5.
225x5 sumo. 315x5 sumo. 365x3 conventional. 405x1x2 conventional. 425x1 conventional.
I pull sumo early on just to get my hips involved more as I feel they are a weak point but pull conventional when I am straining.
Weighted decline situps and side bends for ab work and I called it a day.

DE Upper Today.
Bench 135x3x8
BORs 135x12. 155x8. 175x8.
Close grip bench
135x12x3, 185x8x2
Face Pulls
4 sets

I leave today for a writers conference at Depauw and a weekend with a friend from home at Purdue and don’t know how much I will get to work out. Planning on doing my ME bench tonight before my flight just to get something done.
ME Bench
Tricep pulldowns
Chest supported rows
bradford presses

Got back late last night and got back into the gym today. Felt good after a few days off.
Low box squat
i still had gas in the tank. i know i couldve pulled more but i held back a little.
Hamstring curls
decline situps and heavy sidebends

DE bench work today.
Used doubled micro minis
worked up to 135 plus bands
8x3 with 30 sec between sets
tricep pushdowns
face pulls
reverse flyes
bent over rows with a reversed grip

the speed on the bench is coming along way better now that i finally got the micros. Hopefully it will help me get through the sticking point on my bench better.
Tomorrow is off except for some sled work.

Yesterday was my day off and at the last minute i went down to Hanover with my wrestling teammate ed to watch him train with Scott Yard at his gym there. It was a cool experience being with such an accomplished lifter and watching the guys there train. I’m planning on continuing to go down there with Ed in the fall as i’m going home in three weeks for summer.

Today-DE Lower
Box squats-225 against bands
Speed pulls against bands on 4 inch box
fron squats
pull throughs

Did all the DE work except the front squats. Quick workout today but i felt pretty good in general. BW is slowly creeping up, probably start leveling out soon.

ME upper today.
benched against doubled up minis and used the bottom of the rack instead of dumbbells. tension was much higher than i expected.
worked up to 175x2 for a few sets. I had good speed on the benches though. im starting to see that when i hit my sticking point my elbows flare and need to work on keeping them tucked.
shoulder raises
face pulls
i have to reconfigure my weekly schedule so i can squat on wednesdays in hanover instead of mondays at school. working on figuring that out.

Today did a lot of sled work on the grass.
ME lower day tomorrow in Hanover. Not sure what that plan is, just going with the flow on it.

squat 425x2x6
deadlift worked up to singles at 415

DE bench 135 with minis 8x3
DB Floor Press 75sx8x4

Box squat 175x2x10 plus light and mini bands
speed pulls against light bands up to 315
band hamstring curls
front squats 185x5x4

ME squat
played with a reverse band setup in the “power racks” they have here at my college’s “fitness center.” the ESS department chair pparently told one of my training partners that were not allowed to grunt or yell or use chalk. he asked why not its a gym. she said its not a gym its a fitness center. I am completely blown away by this.
Reverse band bench
265x2x8 with monster minis as the lightener
DB floor press 80x8x3
lat pulldowns 4 sets
face pulls 3 sets
front raises 3 sets

[quote]bjjwannabe152 wrote:
ME squat
played with a reverse band setup in the “power racks” they have here at my college’s “fitness center.” the ESS department chair pparently told one of my training partners that were not allowed to grunt or yell or use chalk. he asked why not its a gym. she said its not a gym its a fitness center. I am completely blown away by this.

That suck’s man, just have to work around it.

haha we find our way around the admin.
Went down to club natural in hanover again today for an ME.
Free Squat-No belt
worked up to 335 for doubles rock bottom but my hip started to kill again so i called it there.
Reverse band deadlifts
Used blue bands at about head height. The weight completely deloaded right above my knees.
Rotational ab and standing ab work and jumped in the car for the long ride home.

on a related note, i just ordered an inzer 10mm forever lever belt and apt wrist and knee wraps from inzernet.com and liftlarge.com respectively. waiting very impatiently for them to get here so i can play with the new toys.

What APT wraps did you get?

i dont know the specifics because i saw them on closeout at liftinglarge.com and jumped at the prices just because of the deal and i wanted some time in wraps over the summer.

yesterday DE squat
went really light and was hurting bad in my right hip
135 with monster minis and averages
did some speed pulls and felt like shit
i just realized after looking through my notes that ive been going nonstop for 16 weeks and didnt heed the call for a deload. its been becoming more and more apparent the last two or three weeks. i’m probably going to deload this week as its my finals week and i’ll be traveling home and packing and ironing out shit to begin with. i don’t expect much from this week but the following week ill be back going strong again.
anybody have any tips for deloads?

im finally home back in the 808. Getting back in the gym full time after this weeks deload. planning wednesday as my ME lower and we’ll go from there. my belt finally came in so im looking forward to finally getting to be in the gym maxing with it.

drew i got the blue mambas. havent used them yet though.

had to work out at the commercial gym today and when i got there, personal training was in full swing and couldnt get my hands on a box so i just free squatted.
385x1x2 in wraps

DL worked up to 405 didnt push it much further as i didnt have my belt.
did some band work for the abs and hightailed it. it wasn’t a bad day considering i just came off a deload. I’m at the same strength level if not stronger. 385 went up quick.

yesterday DE upper
155 against minis
jm presses 3x10
bradford press 3x10
band pulldowns 3x a lot

i was suffereing yesterday with a mean sunburn from finally being back home and in the water but i got through it. barely.