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Upping Protein and Calories on Cycle


I'm doing 500 mg of test a week.
I was 202 lbs with 15% body fat 3 weeks ago when I started the cycle
I am 215 lbs atm, but water retention probaly... hopefully not, godamnit it.

Now, i've gotten a lot of bro science over the years..
for non cycle is it 1.5g of protein for each pound of lean body mass?
and 20 calories per lean pound?

atm I am eating

morning: oats, 50g protein high quality shake + whatever is in the milk
brunch: 65g protein from tuna sandwiches
tea: pasta/rice and 30g protein from chicken or from 5 eggs
4: rice/pasta 75g protein from chicken w/ a curry or pasta sauce
5: 50g protein shake + whaterver is in the milk

I will start counting the calories, I'm pretty sure I am getting enough though (getting slightly fatter although eating cleanly) 275 g protein at the moment (counting 5g from a lot of milk :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, thanks by the way.


I was sure I posted this in the nutrition forum..

Anyway, 2g of protein per lean pound whilst on a 500mg cycle?

jesus that would be 350g now, asuming I have indeed put on a few pounds of muscle and not just bloat/fat.