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Upping My Squat And Bench


Hey guys, just wanted to let ya know how my progress is going as of late.

About 5 months ago my 1rm for bench was 115lbs(that was when I seriously started to workout) and just recently, I maxed out at 170lbs for my new 1rm.

I also maxed out at a 225lbs squat to parralell, ya nothin special but I could barely do 135lbs for reps 5 months ago as well.

Anyways I was talking with one of my teachers who lifts with me, he has helped alot thorugh the past 5 months with lifting and form as well as diet.

He suggested to me to comepete in a powerlifting comp that my high school holds once a year.

He said that if I trained hard I would problby win it for my weight class 150-155.

The meet isn't an actual meet, just bench and squat all raw.

I was wondering what would be some lifts and some general suggestions that could help my bench and squat increase.

The meet is in March sometime so I have a good amount of time to train for it.

I also do track and practice mon, wend, and fri.

I was thinking of maybe doing thr Smolvo squat cycle, but I'am not to familiar with it.

If you guys can help me out I would appreciate it!



I would say go for the competition, maybe limit your track activities the week before so you wouldn't be worn out.


Goals are good: do the meet. In high school I did two powerlifting meets every year and it really gave me something to shoot for.


First off, congratulations on your progress. I do have a few questions:
1) What's your event (or events) in track and field?

2) What program did you use to get the results you've attained the past five months?
3) Outside of this lifting contest your school is having, what are your goals? Both physique and training wise.
Talk to you soon.



I have been doing alot of stuff from Joe DeFranco, as well as incorperating stuff from Chad Waterbury.

I've also looked into the eliteFTS site, the diablobarbell site and westside-barbell and have read alot of stuff about Louie Simmons.

My events for track for the last 3 years have been 100,200, and 4x1.

My progress has been great all of my friends have been giving me compliments, instead of being this lanky tall kid I finally got some muscle.

Also I'm 6'3 and weigh between 155-158, so I don't look huge by any standards, but I'am hoping by the start of the next school year, that I'll be about 185-190.