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Upping Bench?


Im almost 16 years olds, 5'11ish 160 and im looking to up my 1RM by the end of the school year (about 2 months away). Currently my 1RM is about 205 and im hoping to get 225. I lift reguraly and eat well. Is there anything else i could be doin or any workout plans, (currently i do 5x5 at 160). Please make suggestions thank u


I know I am going to sound like a retard to you but try not to worry about your 1RM and just focus on powerful clean lifts through out your training session. Unless you are focusing on competition powerlifting.
I am sure others in this forum can help me get my point across.
In the meantime you are doing awesome!


im not that experienced but from my own experience
i was benchin 195 in february/january
im at 245 right now
you just got to need a partner
a homie motivated me and made sure i dide EVERY single rep even if i was gonna shit myself
and just do abour 80-90% of your regular 1rm
and oh yehh, the position of you grip does change your 1rm
i was barely able to do 210 with a regular grip, and when i changed to wide grip... ot soared up tremendesly.
oh yeh it was doin 4x10 and switch to 5x5 once in a while but with heavier wieghts


start lifting heavier weight... if you can bench 205 cleanly do sets closer to that.

A simple way is keep doing 5x5 but work up to a max set of 5 over the 5 sets.

So the first week may look like


the first week the final set should be hard but not impossible. Next week add 5lbs to each set. if you actually have a current estimate of your 5 rep max just aim to hit that on the 3rd or 4th week and then keep on going. If you don't hit 5 reps on the last set keep the weight the same the following week.

make sure you hitting shoulders/triceps/back heavy with compound movements as well.

Can also check out west side for skinny bastards or one of waterburys programs for a different more detailed plan that will also help you get stronger