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Upper Thigh/Hip Pain with Squats


I am getting a pretty significant amount of pain in the area I highlighted here on this picture when I do squats. Its only one my right side (left side on the picture), and its always when I squat. Deadlifts and power cleans don't irritate it at all, only squats. What am i doing wrong? The pain doesn't really last that long, so I just keep on going. I'm just afraid I am going to seriously hurt something if I don't fix it. Any advice?



The image isn't showing up for me, here is a link to it.



I had pain in that same area, perhaps not the same severity, but for me doing the stretch like in this video before squatting and on other days when I thought of it actually helped a lot and it eventually went away.

Rather than trying to stretch all the individual squatting muscles that may be tight, you can simply do this and it seems to carry over great


Theres a stretch I learned where you get on all fours and lean your butt towards your heels by 1 to 2 inches (really subtle) and hold it until you feel it in the same area. This seemed to help it go away a bit.

I also notice that the feeling you describe goes away for me by my 3rd set. I'm wondering if this is natural and if it occured for some of the vets here as well.


weird as it sounds, if you hop on the birthing machines aka hip abductor and do those light up to heavy before squatting, it will help a lot. It helps get your hips and the corresponding muscles/tendons loose


what kind of pain is it? cramping? burning? throbbing? bulging? sharp?



I will try the stretching. I normally just grab the empty bar and do a few really slow squat motions as a warm up, but i guess that isn't doing enough. It seems like a pain that stretching could fix. It hurts during the work out, and lingers through the rest of my gym time, but by a few hours later it pretty much goes away. Every once in a while I will run up a flight of stairs and I will get that sharp pain again, but that is pretty rare. Mostly it just feels sore after I leave the gym.

Thanks for the advice guys!



Does it start to hurt right at the bottom of your squat or is throughout the entire motion?

I know when I first started squatting I would get pain in the outside of my hips right at the bottom. Foam-rolling and doing the squat stretch took this away completely.


I've been having the same pain the OP described and this has been helping me. I do it postworkout and do a couple sets with the stops in until I can comfortable be spread-eagled against them.

Then I take them out, and let weight open me out as far as it will take me.

Also, the couch stretch directly hits the sore area on me (@2:30):


Sharp leads me to think you might have a slight strain. Heat is always a good thing before and after you go to the gym...and soft tissue work, which a few others have mentioned.


I'm thinking this is what happened as well. I will try a few of these stretches. The ones I have tried so far haven't felt like they really hit where I needed them too exactly, but they are helping I think. I've only done two workouts so far, so we will see how it goes. Gym time tomorrow!

Thanks everyone!