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Upper Spine Swollen

Just got home from the gym and noticed a very large bump over my upper spine. The bar usually sits on my upper traps/spine. I try my best to pinch my shoulders back and bring my elbows in to create a spot to rest the bar so it does not rest on the spine. Has anyone experienced this before and if so what did you do to fix this problem.

I do not have such a thick upper back and getting the bar to not rest directly on the spine is very difficult. I have tried to sit the bar lower on my back unsuccessfully. Any advice for this will be a big help.

Even when your back does thicken up when you hit puberty, the bar will still rest on your spine. It does hurt if a naked bar with high weight… but fuck it. Tough.

Let the bar rest lower on your traps, this causes less discomfort, or use a towel wrapped around the bar to cushion it, or buy a pad that fixes onto any olympic bar and sits lovely on your traps dispersing the weight over a larger area.

How long you been training child?


A bump on the spine at the base of the neck may be normal. I have one and so do my siblings.

If it is actually swollen, meaning there is inflammation, it will be very painful to even a light touch. Is that the case?

[quote]MODOK wrote:
Its your T-1 vertebrae.[/quote]

I agree and I have that same bump, you will be fine. lol