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Upper Shin Area Pain

I have this weird pain that I thought was pes anserine bursitis. Went to a physical therapist, massage therapist, and just finished getting ART done on both my knees.
It seems to be irritated by squats. The best I can explain is a dull feeling at the upper tibia, that sometimes feels like it can be in the calf. Has anyone dealt with this random irritation?
I have a picture of the exact spot, but cant figure out how to add it to the post.

Do you wear orthotics?

I don’t, but I was actually just looking into them. Does it sound like a pronation issue? Ive beem checked out my mulitple pt’s, chrios, massage therapists. No one could figure it out.

I didn’t have your pain but I constantly had shin splints. Zero shin pain since starting orthotics.

What kind do you use?

Dr. Scholls. I use the ones that have the most arch because my feet are totally flat footed.

I bought some heavy duty ones yesterday. The arch feels great. Thanks for your input.

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Do you incorporate dorsiflexion exercises into your routine?

(Also; if you regularly train calves, do you do donkey calf raises?)

I hear a lot of people talk about Dr Scholls and foot support and all of that, but there are consequences that come with babying the feet. There’s nothing you can wear that can completely stop or absorb the shock that will go to your ankles and feet, and if your ankles and feet have been hugged tightly by special socks and supported by soft gel pads and secured by Velcro straps or tight laces, they’re not gonna do so well when they actually have to do their job.
Orthotics are a different story - it’s a plaster mold, not a squishy pillow, and adjusting to a new foot position affects your entire body. I had orthotics for years to correct crippling heel pain and ridiculously flat feet. It ultimately worked and helped to significantly reduce my discomfort but it was more of a walk on hot coals than it was a walk in the park.
My point is, don’t baby your feet, bulletproof them.
Rest as needed to rid yourself of the pain, and then come up with a plan to avoid it in the future.