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Upper Range IGF In Your 40s & White Hair

You all know am on trt and my igf1 is just barely above range. Am 42.

Since starting trt Ive had increase hair growth. All my hair on head, face grow faster - maybe normal after being low t.

I’ve noticed my beard if I let it grow has more and more white hairs and the side burns. Most (98 percent) of my head hair is brown. A few white hairs on my chest.

Is their any correlation with higher igf and speeding up my white hair progression?

@unreal24278 @physioLojik and everyone else if you have insight. Thanks.

I started getting grays on the sideburns in my early 40’s and noticed receding hairline to both sides, this was all before starting TRT. Now that T has been restored to youthful levels it may have shown what would have happened had your testosterone levels remained naturally higher.

Now I have gray hairs in other places in my late 40’s.

A higher IGF-1 is better than having it lower as it helps fuel anabolic action. I paid big bucks to get my IGF-1 to the top of the ranges at the guidance of Dr Saya, sadly it didn’t work.

IGF-1 is a fickle animal, before I got on TRT my doc put me on Semorelin to try to up my IGF1, I was near higher end around 215 with range of 83-233 ng/ml but we wanted to see how/if that could eventually increase my low T. After 3 months was a~275 but T levels went down (215 to 136 ng/dl), didnt feel or notice any difference. Stopped Semorelin, went on TRT since then my values have fluctuated, but no noticeable change in hair color. Im 38 with some grey in my beard if I let it grow out but no grey on head so far.

6/1/18 246
8/29/18 226
11/28/18 260

When I get over 50 I probably want a mid range igf. Supposedly if you get cancer it could spread much faster.