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Upper Pec


what pec excercise can i do to get the upper pec bigger? I usually bench, incline fly and decline bench (toss in incline press from time to time)


For me the only chest exercise that made my upper chest sore the next day was using lower to high cable flyes (video). Probably could be done with Dbs too.


Incline pressing. Do it first.

Please use common sense.


Not trying to sound like a dick B but common sense isn't really common anymore.


I've found that Flat BB Press has a greater effect on my front delts than my upper pec area, but that may be more because I'm pressing to sternum & not to upper chest area.
Try the following routine:
1) 4x20deg Incline BB Press (pyrimid heavy, 10-6 rep range. Bar barely touch chest, don't lockout. 2 or 3 assisted negatives on last set)
2) 2x30deg Incline DB Press (approx 1/3 of heaviest BB weight used. 12-15 rep range)
3) 1x30deg Incline DB Press (approx 1/3 of heaviest BB weight used. 10 reps, immediately reduce DB weight by 1/2 rep out)
4) 3xFlat DB Pess (pyrimid heavy, 10-6 rep range. DB barely touch outer chest/arm-pit, don't lockout. 2 or 3 assisted negatives on last set)
5) 2xCable X-overs (15+ reps. Each rep hold contraction/squeeze for 2 count)

Follow with 6 or 7 sets of Tricep excercises (e.g. Narrow Pushdowns followed by Unilateral DB Kickbacks or Unilateral Reversed Cable Ext'ns)


In agreement with Bonez about the best primary exercise. In addition, I would say that you need to increase the mind-muscle connection to your pecs. Practice contracting the different areas of your pecs during your day (specifically when you are not working out, but ok while working out too). Also, I have found that the squeeze press (done at the end of your pec workout as assistance work) is really effective at getting you to feel your pecs. Don't go heavy with the weight--although it should be challenging of course--focus on the squeeze. Get it right, and your pecs will be trembling like jello.

Here's a link about the sqeeze press:

Good Luck - Chris


Seated calf raises...you can thank me later.