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I have been training for 2 years now using the basics. Im a big fan of the old school methods.

Currently 6.1"foot
Body weight 87kg

I have never given a split a good enough shot because i feel i cant deal with the fatigue. My body's energy gets drained veery easily. I consume 200g protein, 250g carbs and 80g of fat a day. This is mainly eggs, cottage cheese, full fat milk, nuts, peanut butter, salmon & chicken.

Iv not taken any supplements apart from LA Whey protein shake.

I was wondering what your views are of the upper/lower approach 4 times a week. My weaknesses are my shoulder/delts (especially the rear) , my upper/lower back (traps), and my arms for some reason i really struggle on getting any arm mass.

Tuesday - Upper/Heavy
Warm up - facepulls, pushups, jump squats and skip for 5 minutes. (i do this every workout)
Standing shoulder press 8 x 3
Chinups 3 x 8
Chest dips 3 x 10
Power bent over row (BB starts on floor) 3 x 10
Power cleans 2 x 5
BB bicep curls 3 x 6-8
Parallel triceps dips 3 x 6-8

Wednesday Lower
Deadlift 8 x 3
1 leg split squat 4 x 12
DB roman deadlift 4 x 15
Jump squats
Hang Leg raises
Jacknife crunch

Friday - Upper/Light
Seated DB arnold press 3 x 12
1 arm DB bent over row 3 x 10
Incline DB press 3 x 12
T-bar bent over row 3 x 10
Jump shrug 2 x 10
DB skull crusher 2 x 12
DB Hammer curl 2 x 12

Saturday - Lower
Back Squat 8 x 3
Hack Squat 2 x 15
Hamstring cable pulls 3 x 15
Swiss Ball crunch
Cable crunch

What are your views on the above? too much? all over the place?




If you know you have lagging bodyparts why don't you use a bodypart split with special attention on whatever you need?


You're eating 2520 kcal at 87kg (192lbs). No wonder you don't have enough energy.